From Muscles to Music

A Festschrift to Celebrate the 60th Birthday of Gunnar Johannsen

Borys, Bernd-Burkhard / Wittenberg, Carsten (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Ali, Salaheddin / Alty, James L. / Borndorff-Eccarius, Sabine / Borys, Bernd-Burkhard / Boy, Guy / Cacciabue, Pietro Carlo / Dey, Dieter / Hesse, Horst-Peter / Hollender, Martin / Holzapfel, Wolfgang / Inagaki, Toshiyuki / Kawai, Kensuke / Kraiss, Karl-Friedrich / Matzenmiller, Anton / Moray, Neville / Onken, Reiner / Paasen, M.M. (René) van / Rouse, William B. / Sage, Andrew P. / Sheridan, Thomas B. / Shibuya, Yu / Stassen, Henk G. / Völkel, Andreas / Wittenberg, Carsten

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-933146-87-8, 2003, 282 Pages
(Kasseler Personalschriften 1)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-873

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Content: This book is about the international, interdisciplinary, and interesting field of human-machine systems.

It covers 25 years of development, describes the current state and illustrates the expected changes in this research area. Written by many of the most important persons that shaped this field, it is dedicated to one of their colleagues and friend, Professor Dr. Gunnar Johannsen from the University of Kassel.

It covers traditional areas like internal and mental models, workload, supervisory control, decision-making, and human control of complex systems in general. It also gives reference to recent developments and upcoming technologies, leading to knowledge-based and multimedia support, virtual displays, fuzzy logic, and integrating advanced visualization concepts and music into future human-machine interfaces.

Table of Content

Tabula Gratulatoria

Sixty, suddenly

The sponsors
Matzenmiller, Anton:Preface
Holzapfel, Wolfgang:To Gunnar Johannsen - Celebrating his 60th Birthday
Sage, Andrew P.:On the Contributions of Gunnar Johannsen
Stassen, Henk G.:Gunnar Johannsen's Vision on the Human Control of Complex Systems
Alty, James L.:The GRADIENT Project and ist Contribution to Man-Machine Systems Design
Borys, Bernd-Burkhard:15 Years Research and Experiments
Moray, Neville:Mental Workload, Mental Models, and Supervisory Control
Paasen, M.M. (René) van:Internal Models versus Cognition in Context
Onken, Reiner:Human Process Control and Automation - still compatible concepts?
Cacciabue, Pietro Carlo:Human Factors in Modern Technology: The Role of Accident Analysis and Databases
Inagaki, Toshiyuki:Supervisory Control and Decision Making
Sheridan, Thomas B.:Musings on Music Making and Listening: Supervisory Control and Virtual Reality
Hesse, Horst-Peter:Shaping Time in Music
Kawai, Kensuke:Automation and the Making of the Violin: Some Thoughts on Systems Design Methodology
Rouse, William B.:Invention and Innovation in Technology & Art
Boy, Guy:Advanced Interaction Media as a Component of Everyday Life
Shibuya, Yu:Action Interface: A Non-Touch Interface Using Video Captured Image
Borndorff-Eccarius, Sabine:An Integrated Method for Model-Based Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems
Hollender, Martin:Electronic Handbooks Supporting Fault Diagnosis Tasks
Ali, Salaheddin:Approximate Process Visualization based on Qualitative Knowledge and Fuzzy Logic
Völkel, Andreas:Evaluation of a Modern Approach to Process Visualisation using Multilevel Flow Modelling and Ecological Interface Design
Wittenberg, Carsten:Vivid Views on the Technical System - the Virtual Process Visualisation
Kraiss, Karl-Friedrich:Sign Language Recognition at LTI
Dey, Dieter:Die Kosten von Entwicklungstätigkeiten

The Contributors

Gunnar Johannsen

Publications of Gunnar Johannsen

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