Gaining insight from research information

6th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems

Nase, Annemarie / Adamczak, Wolfgang (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Agrimi, Adriana / Andricík, Marek / Asserson, Anne / Bartolo, Laura M. / Bertha, Eva / Birkenmeier, Beat / Bux, Giuseppe / Cantoni, Lorenzo / Enderle, W. / Esch, Andreas / Feng, Louis / Fischer, T. / Friedrich, Michael / Gaslikova, Irina / Gow, Earle / Haselbacher, Franz / Helland Hauge, Jostein / Hellweg, H. / Hennig, Dirk / Hermes, B. / Holzer, Franz / Iris Koopmans, Nieske / Jeffery, Keith G. / Kessel, René van / Kleese-van Dam, Kerstin / Krause, Jürgen / Küchlin, Wolfgang / Lalieu, M. L. H. / Lepori, Benedetto / Lim, Edward / Lopatenko, Andrei / Lowe, Cathy S. / Matthews, Brian M. / Melton, Austin C. / Mons, Albert / Mons, Barend / Mulligen, Erik van / Muuli, Viktor / Noyons, Ed C. M. / Øverby, Erlend / Parker, Doreen / Raan, Anthony F. J. van / Ryssevik, Jostein / Sander-Beuermann, Wolfgang / Schijvenaars, Bob / Schimkat, Ralf-Dieter / Simons, Eduard / Springer, Sylvia / Staab, Steffen / Stempfhuber, M. / Strah, Monica / Strijp, Ruud / Strötgen, Robert / Studer, Rudi / Sure, York / Tiirik, Taavi / Tomlin, Richard / Ulmer, Dominik / Vindvad, Jens / Volz, Raphael / Wilson, Michael D. / Woolverton, Christopher J. / Zimmermann, Eric H. / Zimmermann, Kerstin

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-933146-84-7, 2002, 221 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-849

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Table of Content

Zimmermann, Eric H.:CRIS-Cross: Research Information Systems at a Crossroads
Krause, Jürgen:Current Research Information as Part of Digital Libraries and the Heterogeneity Problem. Integrated searches in the context of databases with different content analyses
Asserson, Anne /
Jeffery, Keith G. /
Lopatenko, Andrei:
CERIF: Past, Present and Future: An Overview
Strötgen, Robert:Treatment of Semantic Heterogenity using Meta-Data Extraction and Query
Vindvad, Jens /
Øverby, Erlend:
Proposals for a new flexible and extensible XML-model for exchange of research information
Lopatenko, Andrei /
Asserson, Anne /
Jeffery, Keith G.:
CERIF - Information Retrieval of Research Information in a Distributed Heterogeneous Environment
Bartolo, Laura M. /
Lowe, Cathy S. /
Melton, Austin C. /
Strah, Monica /
Feng, Louis /
Woolverton, Christopher J.:
Effectiveness of tagging laboratory data using Dublin Core in an electronic scientific notebook
Jeffery, Keith G. /
Lopatenko, Andrei /
Asserson, Anne:
Comparative Study of Metadata for Scientific Information: The place of CERIF in CRISs and Sceintific Repositories
Andricík, Marek:Metasearch Engine for Austrian research information
Staab, Steffen /
Studer, Rudi /
Sure, York /
Volz, Raphael:
SEAL - aSEmantic port AL with content management functionally
Raan, Anthony F. J. van /
Noyons, Ed C. M.:
Discovery patterns of scientific and technological development and knowledge
Ulmer, Dominik /
Birkenmeier, Beat:
Development of a central Knowledge Transfer Platform in a highly decentralised environment
Mons, Barend /
Kessel, René van /
Strijp, Ruud /
Schijvenaars, Bob /
Mulligen, Erik van /
Mons, Albert:
International Research Information System: Support to Science Management
Hellweg, H. /
Hermes, B. /
Stempfhuber, M. /
Enderle, W. /
Fischer, T.:
DBClear: A Generic System for Clearinghouses
Tomlin, Richard:Research Information and Strategic Decision Making
Parker, Doreen /
Gow, Earle /
Lim, Edward:
AARLIN: Seamless information delivery to researchers
Friedrich, Michael /
Schimkat, Ralf-Dieter /
Küchlin, Wolfgang:
Information Retrieval in Distributed Environments. Based on Context-Aware, Proactive Documents
Matthews, Brian M.:Integration via Maening: Using the Semantic Web to deliver Web Services
Ryssevik, Jostein:Waeving the Web of European social science
Lepori, Benedetto /
Cantoni, Lorenzo:
Is there any user for this CRIS?
Iris Koopmans, Nieske:What's your question? The need for research information from the perspective of different user groups
Matthews, Brian M. /
Wilson, Michael D. /
Kleese-van Dam, Kerstin:
Accessing the Outputs of Scientific Projects
Hennig, Dirk /
Sander-Beuermann, Wolfgang:
Data Collectors met Data Suppliers on the Internet
Lopatenko, Andrei:CERIF-2000 (Common European Research Information Format)
Helland Hauge, Jostein:Embedding of CRIS in a university research information management system
Lalieu, M. L. H.:A European Research Information System (ERIS): an infrastructure tol in a European research world without boundaries?
Lopatenko, Andrei:CERIF-2000 as a platform for university public research information service
Esch, Andreas:ELFI Electronic Research Funding Information System
Tiirik, Taavi:Estonian r&d information sytem - ERIS
Holzer, Franz /
Bertha, Eva /
Haselbacher, Franz:
Including a Campus-Wide Publications List System into the existing CRIS of a University
Gaslikova, Irina:Information Interface for RTD Co-operation between the European Union and Russia
Agrimi, Adriana /
Bux, Giuseppe:
KM_LINE: Knowledge Management for Local Innovation Networks platform
Simons, Eduard:METIS: the Research Information System of the Dutch Universities
Muuli, Viktor:Research Information System of the University of Tartu
Springer, Sylvia:Research Project Database - Forschungsthemen-Datenbank Sachsen-Anhalt (LSAFODB)
Zimmermann, Kerstin:The Architecture of an Information Portal for Telecommunications

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