Emerging Transformation in Higher Education

Concepts – Projects – Networking

Engel, Constanze / Pletsch-Betancourt, Martina

Mit Beiträgen von Abenga, Elizabeth S. B. / Akullu Ezati, Betty / Alarcón, Francisco / Amini, Siawuch / Asiimwe, Joyce A. / Azcarraga, Arnulfo P. / Brito, Carlos Perez / Díaz, Alicia / Engel, Constanze / Fitri, Apriliana Laily / Fremerey, Michael / Githaiga, John T. / Gomez, Jr., José Edgardo A. / Hassan, Hany Youssef / Hawibowo, Singgih / Ismangil, Sitaresmi / Katana, Gabriel / Khaemba, Noah / Koesmaryono, Yonny / Lucas, Caro / Lyrawati, Diana / Nellen, Wolfgang / Nercissians, Emilia / Omondi Mondoh, Helen / Pertiwi, Setyo / Pieper de Avila, Anette / Pletsch-Betancourt, Martina / Poespawardaja, Damona K. / Santiago-Cuyan, Aurora / Sigot, Asenath J. / Simatupang, Abraham / Sito, Leonila R. / Soetanto, Hendrawan / Sumarti, Titik / Supartono, Wahyu / Syafiq, Ahmad / Tallei, Trina E. / Tefera, Tadele / Tuigong, David R. / Vargas- Porras, Alicia E. / Wesseler, Matthias

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-966-5, 2010, 367 Pages

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Table of Content

Pieper de Avila, Anette:Foreword
Engel, Constanze /
Pletsch-Betancourt, Martina:
Introductory note

Fremerey, Michael:UNISTAFF: Generating innovative competence in higher education
Wesseler, Matthias:A new spirit: The innovation of quality in teaching and learning
Amini, Siawuch:Looking forwards – looking backwards: UNISTAFF Programme Tracer Study 2008

Lucas, Caro /
Nercissians, Emilia:
The dialectics of innovation
Simatupang, Abraham:The new role of universities: Societal and intellectual entrepreneurs
Gomez, Jr., José Edgardo A.:Bringing planning education to the local level: The extension program of the University of the Philippines’ School of Urban & Regional Planning, 2007-2010 phase
Díaz, Alicia:Quality education in Central American rural areas: A challenge undertaken by the Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
Tefera, Tadele:Reforming research at Haramaya University, Ethiopia: The role of institutional linkage in technology transfer
Tallei, Trina E. /
Ismangil, Sitaresmi:
Dancing with change: A tango to a successful outcome. The case of the development of the Biotechnology Service Unit at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science - University of Sam Ratulangi Manado
Lyrawati, Diana:Capacity building: Nurturing practitioners - cultivating preceptors through a higher education institutions partnership

Asiimwe, Joyce A.:Transforming higher education practice for a sustainable future: A paradigm shift from teaching to learning
Githaiga, John T. /
Tuigong, David R.:
Quality assurance in higher education: Collaboration or competition among institutions?
Sito, Leonila R. /
Santiago-Cuyan, Aurora:
Educational experiences of diverse learners in higher education teacher training institutions: Scenario in Northern Philippines
Alarcón, Francisco:Higher education quality accreditation system of Central America: An institutional stakeholder network for improvement and accountability
Syafiq, Ahmad:Increasing the effectiveness of UNISTAFF project work implementation
Koesmaryono, Yonny /
Sumarti, Titik:
Emerging transformation in Bogor Agricultural University – Indonesia: From learning organization toward quality organizational learning
Hassan, Hany Youssef:Students’ participation in higher education quality assurance Call for project partners as a trial for application in the Egyptian Higher Education System

Vargas- Porras, Alicia E.:Human empowerment through academic networks. The case of GUCAL XXI in Central America
Supartono, Wahyu:UNISTAFF: Milestone for establishing and expanding the networks
Nercissians, Emilia:Gender, technology, and higher education revisited: Research and networking for change
Azcarraga, Arnulfo P.:Engaging an entire academic community towards shared governance: A balancing act among multiple stakeholders and multiple perspectives
Pertiwi, Setyo /
Hawibowo, Singgih /
Poespawardaja, Damona K.:
Strengthening transformation process towards an autonomous university through networks
Katana, Gabriel /
Khaemba, Noah:
Repositioning of the African university: The role of the UNISTAFF programme
Ismangil, Sitaresmi /
Nellen, Wolfgang /
Tallei, Trina E. /
Fitri, Apriliana Laily:
Development of an Indonesian-German biodiversity network for teaching, training and research collaboration: A multiplier effect of UNISTAFF program

Abenga, Elizabeth S. B.:Capacity building in higher education: The case of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya
Soetanto, Hendrawan:Professional certification for lecturers: A new emerging transformation towards better quality of higher education in Indonesia
Akullu Ezati, Betty:Redesigning the professional development programme at Makerere University for enhanced participation and effectiveness
Sigot, Asenath J.:Change and technological innovation in higher education: A challenging and transforming initiative for a young university
Omondi Mondoh, Helen:Innovative skills and strategies in teaching large undergraduate classes at Egerton University
Pertiwi, Setyo:Integrated approach for strengthening student competences and skills towards improvement of relevance and competitiveness
Brito, Carlos Perez:Information systems, development and innovation in Guatemala

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