Equity in Access to Health Promotion, Treatment and Care for all European Women

Lasch, Vera / Sonntag, Ute / Maschewsky-Schneider, Ulrike (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Adam, Szilvia / Babitsch, Birgit / Bohne, Sabine / Brzank, Petra / Burke, Mary Anne / Cwikel, Julie / Eichler, Margrit / Györffy, Zsuzsa / Hellbernd, Hildegard / Kopp, Mária / Lasch, Vera / László, Krisztina / Maschewsky-Schneider, Ulrike / Östlin, Piroska / Richters, Annemiek / Sonntag, Ute / Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Beata

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-740-1, 2010, 186 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-7414

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Content: Women compared to men have different health needs: reproductive health, domestic violence, health beliefs, and health behaviour are not the same across both genders. Does this imply that women are disadvantaged in access to health care and health promotion? How could inequities be reduced and gender based health services be installed?

The book tries to answer these questions inquiring gender-inequities in health from different scientific perspectives, including epidemiology, social sciences, health policy, and health services research. A gender and diversity based framework for research is presented. The authors also look at special target groups: Are migrant and socially deprived women, and women who went through domestic violence disadvantaged regarding access to health, health care and health promotion? The situation of women across European countries is the main focus of the book.

The articles are written by authors from seven countries: from East and West Europe, Canada and Israel. The book provides valuable information for all who work in policy and research in women’s health, and who want to put equity and fairness in health into action.

Table of Content

Lasch, Vera /
Maschewsky-Schneider, Ulrike /
Sonntag, Ute:
Health Inequalities and Gender – An Introduction
Östlin, Piroska:Gender Equity in Access to Health Care and Treatment – a Global View
Eichler, Margrit /
Burke, Mary Anne:
Beyond Gender Bias: A Methodological Approach for Analyzing Inequities
Cwikel, Julie:Gender Based Strategies for Public Health Activism: Tools from Social Epidemiology to Address Inequalities in Women's Health
Richters, Annemiek:Migrants, Discrimination and Equity in Access to Health Promotion and Health Care
Babitsch, Birgit:Social Inequality, Health and Healthcare: Gender-specific Patterns in Germany
Bohne, Sabine:Domestic Violence and Health Care
Hellbernd, Hildegard /
Brzank, Petra:
Domestic Violence against Women: Health Care Needs and the S.I.G.N.A.L.-Intervention Programme
Györffy, Zsuzsa /
László, Krisztina /
Adam, Szilvia /
Kopp, Mária:
Equity in Reproductive Health in Central and Eastern Europe: The Hungarian Experience
Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Beata:Chosen Women’s Health Needs in Central-Eastern Europe: the Situation after the Process of Transformation - the example of Poland

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