International Workshop on Fluid-Structure Interaction

Theory, Numerics and Applications

Meister, Andreas / Hartmann, Stefan / Schäfer, Michael / Turek, Stefan (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Acker, J. F. / Annerel, S. / Badcock, K. / Bailly, C. / Barcelos, M. / Baum, J. D. / Becker, G. / Becker, S. / Birken, P. / Bletzinger, K.-U. / Breuer, M. / Christopher, Jason / Cirak, Fehmi / Crouzet, F. / Daude, F. / Degrande, G. / Degroote, J. / Deiterding, Ralf / Dinkler, D. / Dooms, D. / Falk, U. / Gallinger, T. / Gatzhammer, B. / Grabinger, J. / Grunewald, I. Q. / Haeltermann, R. / Hartmann, Stefan / Hron, J. / Hübner, B. / Israel, U. / Jürgens, Dominik / Kaltenbacher, M. / Khodaparast, H. / Kupzok, A. / Lafon, P. / Lienhart, H. / Löhner, Rainald / Longatte, E. / Marques, S. / Matthies, H. G. / Mauch, Sean P. / Mehl, M. / Meister, Andreas / Mottershead, J. / Münsch, M. / Ozdemir, Z. / Pereira Gomes, J. / Quint, K. J. / Rang, J. / Razzaq, M. / De Roeck, G. / Romeike, B. F. / Roth, C. / Schäfer, F. / Schäfer, Michael / Schöön, J. / Segers, P. / Soli, M. / Soto, O. A. / Stavropoulou, E. / Swillens, A. / Takizawa, Kenji / Tezduyar, Tayfun E. / Turek, S. / Uffinger, T. / Vehre, A. / Vierendeels, J. / Wagner, M. / Weichert, F. / Wüchner, R. / Zilian, A.

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-666-4, 2009, 280 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-6673

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Content: The efficiency of algorithms, the quality of data structures, and the performance of computer hardware enables the computation of highly non-linear multi-physical problems, particularly, the interaction of fluid flows and the deformation of affected solid structures.

The objective of this book is to reflect the state of the art in fluid-structure interaction presented by engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. The content contributes to a subject which is mainly driven by the collaboration of scientists working in different disciplines. This interaction can be seen in the presented topics of, for example, blood-artery components, motion of largely deformed structures in flow channels, aero-dynamical behavior of planes, a tribune roof under wind excitation, or the cooling process in metal forming applications where only a few physical problems are mentioned.

In conclusion, the authors present the progress of the highly challenging modeling aspects occurring in the field of fluid-structure interactions and the coupling schemes to combine various codes, which were presented at the International Workshop on Fluid-Structure Interaction: Theory, Numerics and Applications held in Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany, September 2008.

Table of Content

Becker, G. /
Falk, U. /
Schäfer, Michael:
Shape Optimization with Higher-Order Surfaces in Consideration of Fluid-Structure Interaction
Birken, P. /
Quint, K. J. /
Hartmann, Stefan /
Meister, Andreas:
On Coupling for Heat Transfer in FSI Applications
Breuer, M. /
Münsch, M.:
FSI of the Turbulent Flow around a Swiveling Flat Pate Using Large-Eddy Simulation
Daude, F. /
Lafon, P. /
Crouzet, F. /
Bailly, C.:
An Overset-Grid Strategy for Aerostatics and Aeroelasticity of Moving Bodies
Degroote, J. /
Haeltermann, R. /
Annerel, S. /
Swillens, A. /
Segers, P. /
Vierendeels, J.:
An interface quasi-Newton algorithm for partitined simulation of fluid-structure interaction
Deiterding, Ralf /
Cirak, Fehmi /
Mauch, Sean P.:
Efficient Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Viscoplastic and Fracturing Thin-Shells Subjected to Underwater Shock Loading
Dooms, D. /
De Roeck, G. /
Degrande, G.:
Wind Induced Ovalling Oscillations of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Structures
Gallinger, T. /
Kupzok, A. /
Israel, U. /
Bletzinger, K.-U. /
Wüchner, R.:
A Computational Environment for Membrane-Wind Interaction
Gatzhammer, B. /
Mehl, M.:
FSI*ce-A Modular Simulation Environment for Fluid-Structure Interactions
Pereira Gomes, J. /
Lienhart, H.:
Reference Test Cases for Fluid-Structure Interaction Studies
Hübner, B.:Application of Monolithic Fluid-Structure Interaction to Identify Hydroelastic Instabilities of a Slide Gate Chain in Axial Flow
Israel, U. /
Stavropoulou, E. /
Barcelos, M. /
Gallinger, T. /
Bletzinger, K.-U. /
Wüchner, R.:
Shape Optimization in Partioned Analysis for Fluid-Structure Interaction
Jürgens, Dominik:Andvanced Software Engineering for FSi Applications
Löhner, Rainald /
Baum, J. D. /
Soto, O. A.:
On Some Open Problems in Fluid-Structure Interaction
Longatte, E. /
Ozdemir, Z. /
Soli, M.:
ALE And Fluid Structure Interaction. Apllication to Industrial Problems
Marques, S. /
Badcock, K. /
Khodaparast, H. /
Mottershead, J.:
Transonic Flutter Prediction for a Gerneric Fighter Configuration
Rang, J. /
Schöön, J. /
Matthies, H. G.:
Solving FSI problems with high resolution and using a component framework in parallel
Razzaq, M. /
Turek, S. /
Hron, J. /
Acker, J. F. /
Weichert, F. /
Wagner, M. /
Grunewald, I. Q. /
Roth, C. /
Romeike, B. F.:
Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction with application to aneurysm hemodynamics
Tezduyar, Tayfun E. /
Takizawa, Kenji /
Christopher, Jason:
Multiscale Sequentially-Coupled Arterial Fluid-Structure Interaction (SCAFSI) Technique
Uffinger, T. /
Schäfer, F. /
Becker, S. /
Grabinger, J. /
Kaltenbacher, M.:
Fluid-Structure-Acoustic Interaction of a Thin, Flexible Plate in the Wake of a Wall-Mounted Square Cylinder
Zilian, A. /
Vehre, A. /
Dinkler, D.:
Projection-based reduced-order model of strongly-coupled fluid-structure interaction by monolithic space-time modes

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