Odours and VOCs: Measurement, Regulation and Control Techniques

Frechen, Franz-Bernd (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Anderson, Terry / Baig, Sylvie / Barbu, Eleonora / Barjenbruch, Matthias / Behrentz, Eduardo / Bilsen, Ilse / Bischoff, Michael / Bogaert, Sarah / Bohatsch, A. / Bokowa, Anna H. / Bongers, Margrethe / Both, Ralf / van Broeck, Gunther / De Bruyn, Gert / Buelna, G. / Burrowes, Peter / Calvo, Diana C. / Capelli, Laura / Carsen, Michelle / Céntola, Paola / Cesca, Josef / Dauthuille, Pascal / Del Rosso, Renato / Deshusses, Marc A. / Drew, Gillian H. / Dubois, S. / Easter, Chris / Van Elst, T. / Evanson, Ian / Finke, Gary / Frechen, Franz-Bernd / De Fré, R. / Guillot, Jean-Michel / Hequet, V. / Il Grande, Massimiliano / Iwasaki, Yoshiharu / Jehlickova, Bohumira / Kost, Werner-Jürgen / Kreim, Virginie / Le Coq, L. / Liu, Hong / Longhurst, Philip J. / Mackenzie, Rod / Maudhuit, A. / McDonald, Amy / De Meyer, Lies / Molins, Laurent / Mosnier, Francis / Müller, Frank / Nakatsuji, Yasuhi / Nielinger, Jost / Noël, J. / Ogawa, Koji / Oliver, Peter / Ollif, Marilyn / Petz, Erwin / Piringer, Martin / Plante, J.-L. / Popat, Sudeep C. / Pourtier, Lionel / Quigley, Chris / Raillard, Cecile / Richter, Claus-Jürgen / Robinet, Philip / Röckle, Rainer / Rodriguez, Manuel S. / Rognon, Christian / Rossi, Andrea Nicola / Rouseille, Francoise / Rühmland, S. / Sablayrolles, Jean / Santos, Jane-Meri / Schauberger, Günther / Secanella, Xavier / Senante, Elena / Shigeoka, Kumiko / Sironi, Selena / Sowa, Andreas / Thomas, Mark / Trainor, Sean / Turgeon, Nicolas / Ueno, Hiroyuki / Vandenbroek, Kristel / Venot, Sandrine / Voigt, R. / Witherspoon, Jay

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-608-4, 2009
(Wasser - Abwasser - Umwelt 31)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-6093

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Content: This issue of the book series WASSER • ABWASSER • UMWELT, which means WATER, WASTEWATER and ENVIRONMENT, is the first issue ever to be published in English. It contains papers and posters that were presented during the 3rd IWA Odour and VOCs Conference – Measurement, Regulation and Control Techniques, held from 8th to 10th October 2008 in Barcelona as an IWA Specialist Conference by the IWA Specialist Group on Odours and Volatile Emissions (OVE). With some 230 participants, this conference was even larger than its predecessors, and the steadily rising number of participants not only shows a rising interest in all aspects of odour and volatile emissions, but also indicates that the next conference, to be held in October 2011 in Brazil, will also be a success.

Table of Content

Frechen, Franz-Bernd:10 Years of OEC Measurement: Methodology, Application, Results andFuture Development
Müller, Frank /
Bischoff, Michael /
Both, Ralf:
The Measurement Uncertainy of Olfactometry - Determination based on the direct approach with duplicate analyses according to the international standard ISO 20988
Carsen, Michelle /
Anderson, Terry:
Odour Emission Rates from Digested Sludges
Bilsen, Ilse /
De Fré, R.:
Evaluation of a neutralizing agent applied on a cooling tower at a citric acid üroduction plant
van Broeck, Gunther /
Bogaert, Sarah /
De Meyer, Lies:
Monetary valuation of odour nuisance as a tool to evaluate costeffeciveness of possible odour reduction techniques
Easter, Chris /
Voigt, R. /
Witherspoon, Jay /
Cesca, Josef:
An Odor Control Master Planning Approach to Public Outreach Programs
Rouseille, Francoise /
Senante, Elena /
Venot, Sandrine /
Mosnier, Francis /
Dauthuille, Pascal /
Baig, Sylvie:
Use of dispersion modelling for the design and operation ofwastewater and composting plants
Easter, Chris /
Quigley, Chris /
Burrowes, Peter /
Witherspoon, Jay:
Biofilters and Biotowers for Treating Odors
De Bruyn, Gert /
Van Elst, T. /
Robinet, Philip /
Vandenbroek, Kristel:
Full scale evaluation of the odour emissions of two yard trimmingscomposting methods using two complementary odour measurementtechniques – Field panel measurements vs. olfactometrymeasurements using a Lindvall hood
Piringer, Martin /
Schauberger, Günther /
Petz, Erwin:
An empirical model to estimate the separation distancebetween livestock buildings and residential areas: Animproved version of the Austrian guide line
Finke, Gary /
Oliver, Peter /
Thomas, Mark /
Evanson, Ian:
Environmentally sustainable odour control for the Merrimac WWTPupgrade
Calvo, Diana C. /
Behrentz, Eduardo /
Rodriguez, Manuel S.:
Emissions and Dispersion of Hydrogen Sulphide OriginatedFrom a Highly Polluted Waterbody
Bokowa, Anna H. /
Liu, Hong:
Quantification of Odour Emissions from Fugitive Sources
Richter, Claus-Jürgen /
Frechen, Franz-Bernd:
Sampling for Olfactometric Measurement: The new VDIguideline 3880
Jehlickova, Bohumira /
Longhurst, Philip J. /
Drew, Gillian H.:
Assessing Effects of Odour: A critical review of assessingannoyance and impact on amenity
Schauberger, Günther /
Piringer, Martin /
Petz, Erwin:
Weighting of odour sensation by the time of the day and time of theyear to improve the reliability of the calculated separation distance
Bongers, Margrethe:Recent developments in odour nuisance policy for livestockfarming in The Netherlands
Shigeoka, Kumiko /
Nakatsuji, Yasuhi /
Ogawa, Koji /
Iwasaki, Yoshiharu /
Ueno, Hiroyuki:
The established method of three regulation standards in Japan
Rognon, Christian /
Pourtier, Lionel:
French regulations for odor emissions and olfactory annoyances
Turgeon, Nicolas /
Buelna, G. /
Dubois, S. /
Noël, J. /
Plante, J.-L.:
Development and optimization of an experimental bioscrubber for thecontrol of rendering plant odours
McDonald, Amy /
Cesca, Josef /
Witherspoon, Jay /
Mackenzie, Rod /
Barbu, Eleonora:
Development of a Wastewater Treatment Plant Odour EmissionsDatabase and its Application for Process Improvements
Trainor, Sean /
McDonald, Amy /
Ollif, Marilyn /
Cesca, Josef /
Witherspoon, Jay:
Sustainable Odour Management Solution at theGippsland Water Factory
Röckle, Rainer /
Kost, Werner-Jürgen /
Secanella, Xavier:
Disper sion of Odour within Dr ainage Flows –A state wide screening tool for public author ities and urban planner s
Kost, Werner-Jürgen /
Nielinger, Jost /
Secanella, Xavier:
Determination of odour impact by field inspections20 years experience – Advantages, problems and opportunities
Kreim, Virginie /
Santos, Jane-Meri /
Guillot, Jean-Michel:
Fatty acid volatilization: odour intensities of acid mixturepersistence from quiescent surfaces
Barjenbruch, Matthias /
Bohatsch, A. /
Rühmland, S.:
Amorphous and Moulded Trap System - new Measuresagainst Odour and Corrosion
Müller, Frank /
Sowa, Andreas /
Both, Ralf:
Uncertainty of grid measurements with panels in the field – Results ofparallel measurements
Sironi, Selena /
Capelli, Laura /
Céntola, Paola /
Del Rosso, Renato /
Rossi, Andrea Nicola /
Il Grande, Massimiliano:
Odour emission factors for the prediction of wastewatertreatment plants odour emissions
Bilsen, Ilse /
De Fré, R.:
Odour measuremente on exhaust treatment systems for buses
Bokowa, Anna H.:Ambient Odour Assessments: Comparison of Two TechniquesUsed for Assessing Ambient Odours
Popat, Sudeep C. /
Deshusses, Marc A.:
Removing Siloxanes from Landfill and Digester GasesBiologically
Maudhuit, A. /
Raillard, Cecile /
Hequet, V. /
Le Coq, L. /
Sablayrolles, Jean /
Molins, Laurent:
Indoor air purification. Photocatalytic process for the removal of toluene

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