Universities and Rio +10

Paths to sustainability in the regions, an interdisciplinary challenge

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst,Uni Kassel (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Boomgaarden, Georg / Dehn, Heinrich / Deng, Francis / Groups, Working / Hesse, Silvia / Paranjpye, Vijay / Postlep, Rolf-Dieter / Schulze, Heinz / Singer, Paul / Summerer, Stefan / Sylvester, Hanns / Team, Preparation

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-509-4, 2003, 180 Pages
(Entwicklungsperspektiven 79)

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Content: How do North-South university partnerships develop and implement sustainability strategies? This record of the conference organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) programme on subject-related partnerships with universites in developing countries, and held at the University of Kassel in June 2002, includes the contributions made by three prominent key-note speakers from Latin America, Africa and Asia about ecological, economic and social sustainability. The principles on which the universities base their work in the regions are summarised and explained in ten operational directives, formulated by three workshops on ecological, economic and social sustainability. Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Co-opration, the Ministry for Foreign Relations and the Federal Environmental Office set out their expectations with regard to the role of universities in sustainable development. Representatives of two citiy Agenda 21 groups (Munich and Hanover) make an urgent appeal for co-operation in their local and global urban sustainability programmes. This reader on universities and sustainability, which will be a useful resource for the challenges ahead, lists all the projects in the programme, with a map indicating their location. Project summaries and map can also be found on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Table of Content

Sylvester, Hanns:Welcome
Postlep, Rolf-Dieter:Thank you ... For giving us the chance to learn from you
Team, Preparation:Three reasons for "Universities and sustainability: regional paths to sustainability - an interdisciplinary challenge"
Team, Preparation:Striving for mutual understanding among universities
Deng, Francis:Displacement studies and the role of universities
Paranjpye, Vijay:Ecological destruction, responses of social movements in India and tasks for universities
Singer, Paul:Universities and the "solidary economy" - Lessons of the Brazilian experience
Groups, Working:Preparing the working groups: an international, transdisciplinary and intercultural challenge
Groups, Working:Results of the working groups: operational directives
Dehn, Heinrich:Universities and strategies of development policy
Boomgaarden, Georg:University research on sustainability as a resource for promoting socially and environmentally sound foreign relations
Summerer, Stefan:Requirements of Agenda 21 for Universities
Hesse, Silvia:The city of Hannover Agenda 21 and co-operation with universities on north-south activities
Schulze, Heinz:Agenda 21 in Munich: What has been achieved and what should be done. Proposals for co-operation with universities locally and on a global scale

List of Agenda 21: Universities and Agenda 21 - Agenda 21 contacts in Germany

World Map

Lists of the Universities

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