Proceedings of the TRIZ-future conference November 06.-08., 2007 Frankfurt - Germany

Gundlach, Carsten / Lindemann, Udo / Ried, Horst (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Adunka, Robert / Ashtiani, Mansour / Axelrod, Boris / Bayer, Thomas / Belski, Iouri / Berdonosov, Viktor / Bersano, Giacomo / Blessing, Lucienne / Bolckmans, Karel / Bontemp, Vincent / Bregonzio, Valerio / Bukhman, Isak / Busov, Bohuslav / Cascini, Gaetano / Cavallucci, Denis / Conley, David W. / Córdova López, Edgardo / Cortes Robles, Guillermo / Cretu, Simona-Mariana / Deimel, Markus / Dewulf, Simon / Domb, Ellen / Duflou, Joost R. / Feldhusen, Jörg / Feygenson, Oleg N. / Fresner, Johannes / Gallardo Córdova, Maricela / Glaser, Markus / De Guio, Roland / Haag, Christoph / Hentschel, Claudia / Hernández Delgado, José Gregorio / Herr, Gunther / D'hondt, Joris / Ikovenko, Sergei / Isenmann, Ralf / Ishida, Atsuko / Jandt, Martin / Jantschgi, Jürgen / Jiman, Pavel / Kalja, Ahto / Karimi, Mahmoud / Khomenko, Nikolai / Korzun, A. / Kreysa, Jennifer / Ksenofontova, Marina M. / Kucharavy, Dmitry / Kuij, Albert J. H. van der / Le Lann, Jean Marc / Lee, HeeChoon / Linde, Hansjürgen / Livotov, Pavel / Maleki Anvar, Meysam / Mann, Darell / Matsalu, Toomas / Miecznik, Bert / Miller, Joe A. / Moehrle, Martin G. / Nakagawa, Toru / Nani, Roberto / Negny, Stéphane / Nuland Van, Dimitri / Péran Estépa, Cristobal / Redkolis, Elena / Regazzoni, Daniele / Rehklau, Andreas / Rissone, Paolo / Rotini, Federico / Rousselot, Francois / Sallaberger, Wolfgang / Sawaguchi, Manabu / Schueler-Hainsch, Eckhard / Schuh, Günther / Schulz, Ingo / Schweizer, Peter / Souchkov, Valeri / Spohr, Antonia / Su Kwak, Jin / Tiidemann, Tiit / Vendroux, Guillaume / Walter, Lothar / Wolson, Dmitri / Yezerski, Greg / Yoon, Hong R.

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-340-3, 2007, 310 Pages

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Content: Continuing the history of the recent quite successful conferences of the European TRIZ-Centrum and ETRIA – European TRIZ Association we are going to proceed this series in cooperation with the Technical University Munich, the CCI – Innovation Support Centre Hesse and the TechnologyTransferNetwork Hesse (TTN). This upcoming conference “TRIZ- Future-Conference 2007: Current Scientific and Industrial Reality” will take place from 6th to 8th of November at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Frankfurt/Main, Germany (stock exchange Frankfurt). The idea of the TRIZ-Future-Conference 2007 is to share the knowledge of scientific & industrial TRIZ-experts worldwide with focus on these topics:

  • TRIZ - Best Practices in Industry, especially in SME´s (case studies; integration & combination with other innovation methodologies)

  • Further Developments of TRIZ: New Methods, Ideas, Approaches (new results and findings)

  • Advanced Approaches in TRIZ Education and Training (in schools, universities, qualification programs for engineers and managers)

Table of Content

Bayer, Thomas /
Spohr, Antonia:
Rhetorical Topics and TRIZ - Progressive Methods with Unnoticed Capacity?
Belski, Iouri:TRIZ Course Enhances Thinking And Problem Solving Skills of Engineering Students
Berdonosov, Viktor /
Redkolis, Elena:
TRIZ-Fractality of Mathematics
Cascini, Gaetano /
Rissone, Paolo /
Rotini, Federico:
From design optimization systems to geometrical Contradictions
Cavallucci, Denis /
Rousselot, Francois:
Evolution Hypothesis as a means for linking system parameters and laws of engineering system evolution
Cretu, Simona-Mariana:TRIZ Method Introduced to the Calculation Field
Deimel, Markus:Relationships between TRIZ and classical design methodology
Duflou, Joost R. /
D'hondt, Joris:
Applying TRIZ for Systematic Manufacturing Process Innovation: The Single Point Incremental Forming Case
Feldhusen, Jörg /
Schulz, Ingo:
Creating a holistic Product Development Methodology by Merging Systems Theory and Dialectics
Hentschel, Claudia:Tracing unorthodox use - A TRIZ-related ideation method in systematic product innovation
Khomenko, Nikolai /
Ashtiani, Mansour:
Classical TRIZ and OTSM as a scientific theoretical background for nontypical problem solving instruments
Kucharavy, Dmitry /
De Guio, Roland:
Application Of S-Shaped curves
Mann, Darell:Capturing The Voice Of The Customer Before The Customer Knows What They Want
Nakagawa, Toru:Education and Training of Creative Problem Solving Thinking with TRIZ/USIT
Sawaguchi, Manabu:Innovation Activities Based On S-curve Analysis and Patterns of Technical Evolution -“From the standpoint of engineers, what is innovation”?
Schuh, Günther /
Haag, Christoph /
Kreysa, Jennifer:
TRIZ-based Technology Know-how Protection - How to find protective mechanisms against product piracy with TRIZ
Walter, Lothar /
Isenmann, Ralf /
Moehrle, Martin G.:
Bionics in Patents – Semantic-based Analysis for the Exploitation of Bionic Principles in Patents

Adunka, Robert:Lessons Learned in the Introduction of TRIZ at Siemens A&D
Axelrod, Boris:Systems approach: modelling engineering systems using Interactions Causality Scheme
Bersano, Giacomo /
Bregonzio, Valerio:
TRIZ as a catalyst for Project Management (PM) excellence (and PM as catalyst for systematic innovation, i.e. the other way round)
Conley, David W.:Intel Corporation`s Expert TRIZ Field Guide
Córdova López, Edgardo /
Hernández Delgado, José Gregorio:
In Search of seventh generation of quality, a new paradigm TRIZ
Cortes Robles, Guillermo /
Gallardo Córdova, Maricela /
Negny, Stéphane /
Le Lann, Jean Marc:
Applying the TRIZ-CBR model for improving a system
Dewulf, Simon:Product DNATM and the CREAX Property Matrix
Domb, Ellen /
Miller, Joe A. :
The Complete Technical System Generates Problem Definitions
Ikovenko, Sergei:TRIZ Tools within IP Strategic Framework Development
Ishida, Atsuko:Innovation and Quality Need to Go Together for Capturing Value
Jandt, Martin /
Schueler-Hainsch, Eckhard:
The industruction and application of TRIZ in industrial businesses in Germany - an investigative study
Jantschgi, Jürgen /
Fresner, Johannes:
Joint Application of TRIZ in Groups of Several Companies in Austria Approach & Case Studies of Cross-Company Workshop
Jiman, Pavel /
Busov, Bohuslav:
Development of the Technological System Tool as a basis of TRIZ
Kalja, Ahto /
Tiidemann, Tiit /
Matsalu, Toomas:
TRIZ and a New Artificial Intelligent PRIZ Type Software
Karimi, Mahmoud /
Maleki Anvar, Meysam:
Korzun, A.:Innovative improvement of consumer products
Ksenofontova, Marina M. /
Feygenson, Oleg N.:
OTSM-TRIZ as a Technology of Training of the Expert in Education
Kuij, Albert J. H. van der:Intruduction of TRIZ in the Sensata Technologies Holland Organization
Lee, HeeChoon /
Su Kwak, Jin /
Bukhman, Isak /
Yoon, Hong R.:
The application of TRIZ methodology in iron & steel making industry
Linde, Hansjürgen /
Herr, Gunther /
Rehklau, Andreas:
Inventing Business Innovations and traditional TRIZ – by WOIS: Contradiction Oriented Innovation Strategy
Livotov, Pavel:Integration of Method of Systemic Constellations into Moderated Educational and Problem Solving Workshops with TRIZ for Technical and Non-Technical Tasks
Miecznik, Bert /
Glaser, Markus:
TRIZ for reverse market research
Nani, Roberto /
Regazzoni, Daniele:
TRIZ Tools to evaluate marketing strategy and product innovation: A new start-up case study of silicone technology
Nuland Van, Dimitri /
Péran Estépa, Cristobal:
From problem solving to innovation:Providing an efficient framework for TRIZ
Schweizer, Peter:No Need for Methods?
Souchkov, Valeri /
Bolckmans, Karel:
Selecting Contradictions for Managing Problem Complexity
Wolson, Dmitri /
Ikovenko, Sergei:
Trends Of Toyota Production System Evolution TPS-TESE

Yezerski, Greg:General Theory of Innovation and Its Applications
Blessing, Lucienne /
Vendroux, Guillaume /
Bontemp, Vincent:
Design methodologies: blessing or curse?

Sallaberger, Wolfgang:TRIZ as Problem Solving or how to win time, quality and money with TRIZ*

Kucharavy, Dmitry:TRIZ instruments for forecasting: past, present and future
Khomenko, Nikolai:ARIZ and OTSM Contradiction Technology
Livotov, Pavel:TRIZ Fundamentals

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