Communicatio Socialis

Challenge of Theology and Ministry in the Church. Festschrift for Franz-Josef Eilers

Rolfes, Helmuth / Zukowski, Angela Ann (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Deussen, Giso / Ebisa, Roberto M. / Feijter, Ineke de / Foley, John / Frank, Daniela / Hemels, Joan / Henkel, Willi / Periannan, Sebastian / Plude, Frances Forde / Rolfes, Helmuth / Roman, Anthony / Schmolke, Michael / D'Souza, Henry / Strampickal, Jacob / Thomas, Pradip / Zukowski, Angela Ann

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-310-6, 2007, 250 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-3101

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Table of Content

Foley, John:Foreword
Rolfes, Helmuth:Inter Mirifica, and What Followed: The Second Vatican Council as the Beginning of a New Era in the Relationship between the Church and the Media
Henkel, Willi:Areopagus of the Modern World
Deussen, Giso:The Cultures of Africa: Voiceless in the Internet
Feijter, Ineke de:The Concept of Dialogue and Ist Ethical Implications: A Contribution to the Concept of Social Communication
Plude, Frances Forde:Religion and Mediated Popular Culture: The Need for Dialogue
D'Souza, Henry:Inter-Religious Dialogue as Communication
Periannan, Sebastian:Spirituality of Communication in the Context of "Communalism, Cosumerism and Terrorism"
Frank, Daniela:Taking on the Challenge of Furthering Catholic Communicaitons: An Ongoing Task in an Ever-Changing World
Zukowski, Angela Ann:Shifting Sands: Catechesis, Imagination and the Digital Culture
Strampickal, Jacob:Interdiscilpinary Approach in Inevitable and a Major Challenge in Communication Studies
Thomas, Pradip:The Case for Communication in Theological Education
Ebisa, Roberto M.:Radio Broadcasting in the Brazilian Amazon
Roman, Anthony:Building Digital Bridges: Considerations for Ministry in the Ermeging Communicaiton Landscape
Schmolke, Michael:Communicaiton History and the Institutions of Communication
Hemels, Joan:A Dutch Miracle? The Rediscovery of Religion by Journalists in the Netherlands

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