Proceeding of the Mini Workshop Southeast Asia Germany Alumni Network (SEAG) April 25-26th, 2005 Bogor– Indonesia

“Development of animal health and production for improving the sustainability of livestock farming in the integrated agriculture systems”

Pontjo Priosoeryanto, Bambang / Suprayogi, Agik / Tiuria, Risa / Astuti, Dewi Apri (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von A, Norman Razief / Arifin, Yudi Firmanul / Astuti, Dewi Apri / Darodjah Rasad, Siti / Despal / Dianita, Rahmi / Gunanti / Huminto, H. / Permana, Idat Galih / Pontjo Priosoeryanto, Bambang / Prajoga, Sri Bandiati Komar / Pujaningsih, R. I. / Setiadi, Mohamad Agus / Sodiq, Akhmad / Subagyo, Yusuf / Sumarny, Ros / Sumarsih, S. / Suprayogi, Agik / Tambajong, Daisy D.S.J. / Tampoebolon, BIM. / Ulfa, Maria / Wientarsih, Ietje / Yulia

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-247-5, 2006, 117 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Beiheft 88)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-2471

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Content: In this supplement three main factors had been involved for the sustainability in the animal health sector, there were 1) strategic animal diseases (13 animal diseases); 2) animal and environment health and 3) improvement of reproductive performance in order to increase the livestock population. To solving the problem of animal health, the main factor that should be prioritises is an animal health technology which including development and implementation of indigenous knowledge, phytomedicine, vaccine technology, bio-security and others related factors.
In the livestock production sector, the main focus is on the sustainability of integrated livestock production.
In the integrated agriculture, agro-sylvo-pastoral (ASP) system is to believe as one activity that could increase farmer income as well as increasing the conditions of environment.

Table of Content

Suprayogi, Agik /
Astuti, Dewi Apri:
Physiological Status of Indoor Sheep in the Tropical Rain Forest (HPGW) Environment
Setiadi, Mohamad Agus:The Role of Reproductive Health Management on Dairy and Beef Cattle Farming System
Sodiq, Akhmad:Tripartite Cooperation: A Model For Developing the Sustainability of Peranakan Etawah Goat Production In Indonesia
Pontjo Priosoeryanto, Bambang /
Gunanti /
Huminto, H. /
Sumarny, Ros:
In Vitro Anti-Proliferation and Anti-Invasion Activities of the Combination Between Recombinant Canine Interferon (rCaIFN) with Luffa cylindrica Seed Methanol and Chloroform Extracts on MCM-B2 Derived Tumor Cell Line In Collagen Gel Medium
Tambajong, Daisy D.S.J.:Immunoglobulin Titer of Suckling Kids as a Result of Colostrum Intake
Astuti, Dewi Apri /
Suprayogi, Agik:
Studies On Indigenous Sheep Productivity Under The Tropical Rain Forest Area
Permana, Idat Galih /
The Solubilization of Macrominerals and Ruminal Degradation of Selected Tropical Tree Legumes
Yulia /
Wientarsih, Ietje /
A, Norman Razief:
The Study of Phytochemistry of Java Ginseng Compare to Korean Ginseng
Ulfa, Maria:Essential Oils as a Multi-function Feed Additive (MFA) to Improve Broilers Performance, Metabolism, Dung Consistency and Efficiency of Production
Dianita, Rahmi:The Growth of Trichantera gigantea as Effect of Fertilization and Different Stem Cutting
Pujaningsih, R. I. /
Sumarsih, S. /
Tampoebolon, BIM.:
Evaluation of Nutrition and Organoleptic Physical Quality for Pellet Using Some Levels of Seaweed (Sargassum sp)
Darodjah Rasad, Siti:The effect of GnRH and ProstaglandinF2alpha Application to Progesterone Profile of Dairy Cow during 60 days Postpartum
Prajoga, Sri Bandiati Komar:Estimation Of Effective Scenario in Selection For Milk Yield Using Fixed Regression Test Days Model - FRTDM On Fries Holland Dairy Cattle (Local-FH)
Arifin, Yudi Firmanul:Traditional Agroforestry Systems As An Alternative To Rehabilitate Unproductive Lands In Kalimantan
Subagyo, Yusuf:Chemical Composition of Calliandra calothyrsus Leaves and its Acceptability to Indonesian Ettawah Crossbred Goats

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