Semiotic Bodies, Aesthetic Embodiments, and Cyberbodies

Nöth, Winfried (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Arantes, Priscila / Cantoni, Rejane / Fischer-Lichte, Erika / Hübler, Axel / Ipsen, Guido / Ljungberg, Christina / Mechelen, Marga van / Müller, Elke / Nöth, Winfried / Santaella, Lucia / Stjernfelt, Frederik

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-143-0, 2006, 240 Pages
(Intervalle 10)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-1434

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Content: With the cognitive turn in semiotics, the corporality of the signs in human semiosis has become a focus of attention. It is apparent in verbal, nonverbal, and paralinguistic communication, where the human body is the embodiment of signs. Hardly discovered as a topic of semiotic research, the corporality of signs already appears to be a topic of the past. Faced with virtual realities, simulated bodies, artificial life, new bodily creations in bioinformatic constructs, and with the perspectives of cybernetic symbioses between human bodies and robots in sign processing, the disembodiment of the signs is the new topic on the semiotic agenda.

Table of Content

Nöth, Winfried:Introduction

I Bodily semioses
Stjernfelt, Frederik:The semiotic body. A semiotic concept of embodiment?
Hübler, Axel:Assessing the body's share in conversation
Ipsen, Guido:Hybridization and extensions of the human body, or: The conquest of nature by culture
Fischer-Lichte, Erika:Embodiment - From page to stage. The dramatic figure

II Aesthetic Embodiments
Mechelen, Marga van:The representation of the true artificial body
Arantes, Priscila:Technologica poiéses. A new concept for digital aethetics

III Arttistic Cyberbodies
Santaella, Lucia:The arts of biocybernetic body
Müller, Elke:Shattered embodiment. Cyberspace as a Cartesian project
Cantoni, Rejane:Intelligent environments. Body architecture and op_era
Ljungberg, Christina:Mapping the territories of being

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