Common Semantics for Sharing Knowledge: Contributions to ICCS 2005

13th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS 2005 Kassel, Germany, July 2005

Dau, Frithjof / Mugnier, Marie-Laure / Stumme, Gerd (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Anjewierden, Anjo / Balcázar, José / Barlatier, Patrick / Baxeries, Jaume / Benoit, Eric / Brussee, Rogier / Burgun, Anita / Calabretto, Sylvie / Cao, Tru H. / Cox, David J. / Dapoigny, Richard / de-Gyves, Victor-Polo / Delugach, Harry S. / Do, Hai T. / Dobrev, Pavlin / Efimova, Lila / Foulloy, Laurent / Guzman-Arenas, Adolfo / Hodgins, David P. / Hoede, C. / Hoog, Robert de / Huynh, Tuyen N. / Jacquelinet, Christian / Kaneiwa, Ken / Kocura, Pavel / Levachkine, Serguei / Liu, Xiadong / Liu, Xin-Wen / Melal, Nacima / Moor, Aldo de / Pham, Bao T.N. / Priss, Uta / Rédey, Gábor / Reed, Rhys N. / Roussey, Catherine / Strupchanska, Albena / Tian, Ye / Vu, Duy Q. / Zhang, Guo-Qiang

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-138-6, 2005, 217 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-1383

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Table of Content

Full Papers
Anjewierden, Anjo /
Hoog, Robert de /
Brussee, Rogier /
Efimova, Lila:
Detecting Knowledge Flows in Weblogs
Baxeries, Jaume /
Balcázar, José:
A Lattice Representation of Relations, Multivalued Dependencies and Armstrong Relations
Cao, Tru H. /
Do, Hai T. /
Pham, Bao T.N. /
Huynh, Tuyen N. /
Vu, Duy Q.:
Conceptual Graphs for Knowledge Querying in VN-KIM
Delugach, Harry S. /
Moor, Aldo de:
Difference Graphs
Dobrev, Pavlin /
Strupchanska, Albena:
Conceptual Graphs and Annotated Semantic Web
Kaneiwa, Ken:Negations in Description Logic - Contraries, Contradictories, and Subcontraries
Kocura, Pavel:Hanging Monadic Relations in Conceptual Graphs
Levachkine, Serguei /
Guzman-Arenas, Adolfo /
de-Gyves, Victor-Polo:
The Semantics of Confusion in Hierarchies: Theory and Practice
Liu, Xiadong /
Hoede, C.:
Sememe Analysis and Structural Parsing
Liu, Xin-Wen:An Axiomatic System for Peirce's Alpha Graphs
Priss, Uta:Establishing connections between Formal Concept Analysis and Relational Databases
Reed, Rhys N. /
Kocura, Pavel:
Conceptual Graph based Criminal Intelligence Analysis
Reed, Rhys N. /
Kocura, Pavel:
Automated Discovery Of Recurring Criminal Occurence Patterns
Roussey, Catherine /
Calabretto, Sylvie:
A Multilingual Information Retrieval System based on Conceptual Graph Structure
Zhang, Guo-Qiang /
Tian, Ye:
ACOSys: An Experimental System for Automated Content Organization

Position Papers
Cox, David J.:FLIPP: A User-Prefered Interface for Knowledge Sharing
Dapoigny, Richard /
Barlatier, Patrick /
Melal, Nacima /
Foulloy, Laurent /
Benoit, Eric:
Goal integration for service interoperability of engineering systems
Hodgins, David P. /
Kocura, Pavel:
Propositional Theorem Prover for Peirce-Logik
Jacquelinet, Christian /
Burgun, Anita:
Generating Diseases Concept and Antonyms
Rédey, Gábor:Representing relations between individuals and universals

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