International Scientific Cooperation in Higher Education: Participation, Partnership and Perspectives

4th International Symposium – cum – Workshop 28th November to 4th December 2004, Talca, Chile

Wander, Alcido Elenor / Hemann, Hans (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Alves Silva Filho, Paulo / Amini, Siawuch / Armanet, Pilar / Ávila Campos, Heleniza / Camey Rodas, Carlos Enrique / Cascante-Sánchez, Maricela / Contreras, Maria Fernanda / Cornelissen, Andrea / Diaz Osório, José / Friedrich, Hans R. / Fuentes Manriquez, Paul / Kirk, Michael / Leyva Galán, Angel / Llanos Ascencio, José / Manig, Winfried / Martinez Arriagada, Daniela / Muus, Uwe / Paolasso, Pablo Cristian / Plasa, Wolfgang / Quiros Madrigal, Olman / Resch, Paul / Rivas, Ana Isabel / Roca Steverlynck, Ricardo / Rodriguez, Rigoberto / Rojas Marin, Alvaro / Ruiz-Garvia, Carlos Alberto / Salvador, Gustavo M. / Tôrres Aguiar Gomes, Edvânia / Vargas- Porras, Alicia E. / Wander, Alcido Elenor / Zerbone Alves de Albuquerque, M.

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-122-5, 2005, 256 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Beiheft 82)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-1228

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Content: The Symposium cum Workshop was presenting papers in 4 working groups. The key notes are dealing with the international co-operation between Latin America and Europe. The four topics were: International Cooperation for Improving Joint Degree Programs in Higher Education (6 papers), International Cooperation for Improving Research and Research Management (5 papers), Extension and Technical Cooperation (5 papers), and Higher Education Management (4 papers).

As supplement, additional contributions about networking and evaluation of the RECALL-Network have been provided.

These experiences and research works were conducted in Germany and Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico). The papers are in Spanish, English and German language.

Table of Content

Resch, Paul:Welcome Address
Rojas Marin, Alvaro:Wellcome Address

Seminar Opening
Armanet, Pilar:Acreditación e Internacionalización de las Universidades: Un nuevo Desafio
Plasa, Wolfgang:Cooperación cientifica y académica entre la Unión Europea y América Latina

Key Notes
Kirk, Michael:The Role of Regional Alumni Network Programmes of CGKM in Improving Scientific and Academic Cooperation
Friedrich, Hans R.:Partnership of the University of Talca and the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

Workshop: Working Group 1: International Cooperation for Improving Joint Degree Programs in Higher Education
Manig, Winfried:Conditions and Development of Joint Degree Programs in International Educational Cooperation
Diaz Osório, José /
Martinez Arriagada, Daniela:
Joint Academic Program "Master in International Agribusiness" University of Göttingen/Germany and the University of Talca/Chile
Muus, Uwe:History and Perspectives of the MSc. Programme "Tropical and International Forestry", Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, University of Göttingen
Rivas, Ana Isabel /
Paolasso, Pablo Cristian:
German Cooperation in the Postgraduate Studies in the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman (NW of Argentina): Their Contribution to the Geographical Discipline
Cornelissen, Andrea:Chilenische Ingenieurstudenten an Deutschen Hochschulen - Ein Erfahrungsbericht
Tôrres Aguiar Gomes, Edvânia /
Ávila Campos, Heleniza /
Zerbone Alves de Albuquerque, M. /
Alves Silva Filho, Paulo:
Networks of Scientific, Technical and Academic Interchange: An Exercise to Find Nexuses that Capitalize Culturally their Potentials in the Horizontal and Vertical Scales from a University View

Workshop: Working Group 2: International Cooperation for Improving Research and Research Management
Quiros Madrigal, Olman:Proposal of a Model Partnerships for Research and Development
Paolasso, Pablo Cristian /
Rivas, Ana Isabel:
The German Cooperation and the Geographical Research in Tucuman (NW of Argentina)
Wander, Alcido Elenor:Governance - A Challenge for Internationale Collaborative Research and Development: Some Recent Experiences from Brazil
Diaz Osório, José /
Llanos Ascencio, José:
Wissenschaftliche Forschungskooperation zwischen den Agrar- und Forstökonomischen Instituten der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Deutschland, und der Universität Talca, Chile
Diaz Osório, José /
Fuentes Manriquez, Paul:
Governance and Modelling - Strategies for a Multi-partnership Cooperation in Research and Development

Workshop: Working Group 3: Extension and Technical Cooperation
Roca Steverlynck, Ricardo:Extension and Cooperation: Within the USAID Environmental Programm in Bolivia
Ruiz-Garvia, Carlos Alberto:Evaluating the Global Renewable Energy Education and Training (GREET) Programm: An UNESCO Initiative to Promote Capacity Building for Renewable Energies in Latin America
Leyva Galán, Angel:Die Internationale Zusammenarbeit in der Nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft, Kubanische Erfahrungen
Rodriguez, Rigoberto:Cooperacion en la Educación y el Desarrollo a través del Programa de Pasantiás de la GTZ
Salvador, Gustavo M.:The Technical Cooperation in the Patagonian Andes Forest Region

Workshop: Working Group 4: Higher Education Management
Camey Rodas, Carlos Enrique:Cooperation in transference of Public Health information and disease control measures in Veterinary teaching. An experience of cooperation between Agriculture and Livestock Services of the Government of Chile, the Faculty of Veterinary of University San
Vargas- Porras, Alicia E.:Accreditation: Quality Assurance or Quality Improvement? The Experience of the University of Costa Rica
Cascante-Sánchez, Maricela:Self-Evaluation and Planning of Activities from the Alumni Network RECALL - Proposals and Reflections for Future Teamwork
Contreras, Maria Fernanda:Internacionalización de la Universidad de Talca: programa de movilidad estudantil

Alumni Network
Amini, Siawuch:Trust and Scientific Co-operation in International Networks
Amini, Siawuch:ReCALL en camino hacia el cambio? Implicaciones de la evaluación al terminar la fase de consolidación

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