Basic Properties of III-V Devices

Understanding Mysterious Trapping Phenomena

Kompa, Günter

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-541-1, 2014, 760 Pages

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Content: Trapping effects in III-V devices pose a great challenge to any microwave device modeler. Understanding their physical origins is of prime importance to create physics-related reliable device models. The treatment of trapping phenomena is commonly beyond the classical higher-education level of communication engineers. This book provides any basic material needed to understand trapping effects occurring primarily in GaAs and GaN power HEMT devices.

As the text material covers interdisciplinary topics such as crystal defects and localized charges, trap centers and trap dynamics, deep-level transient spectroscopy, and trap centers in passivation layers, the book will be of interest to graduate students of electrical engineering, communication engineering, and physics as well as materials, device, and circuit engineers in research and industry.

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