Success Factors in International Projects

Especially Projects of German Companies in Pakistan

Khan, Rao Aamir Ali

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-532-9, 2014, 273 Pages
(Schriftenreihe Projektmanagement Heft 16)

Zugl.: Kassel, Univ., Diss. 2013

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Content: The main objectives of this study are to identify the Critical Success Factors for projects executed in Pakistan and study their influence on project success. Furthermore, analyse country specific risks and test the differences among domestic and international projects.
A structured mixed method research approach is used to address research questions. First, an extensive review of literature was carried out to identify CSFs that were grouped into organizational, people, project-related, and national factors. Secondly, a survey questionnaire was developed by incorporating these success factors as well as research objectives. Thirdly, a pilot study was conducted to check validity of the questions. Finally, a field study was administered to the Pakistani, German, and other international companies operating projects in Pakistan. The results are compiled based on the feedback obtained from 71 practitioners.
The top-five CSFs identified from all responses in the study are project manager competence followed by project team competence, good communication, high commitment, and clear and realistic objectives. No significant differences are found in the importance of project success criteria. It was found that people factors have high influence on project success followed by organizational, national, and project-related factors. The results revealed significant differences in country specific risks. An approach to measure country specific risk is also developed. It is suggested that organizations should invest in people factors in order to achieve higher project success. Furthermore, for international projects, the sponsoring organizations and project managers must develop an understanding of the relevant technological, economic, and political issues of the host country.

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