Powerful Learning Environments and Theologizing and Philosophizing with Children

Kuindersma, Henk (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Büttner, Gerhard / Gates, Brian / Haakedal, Elisabet / Hanesova, Dana / Jonker, Evert / Kammeyer, Katharina / Kraft, Friedhelm / Kuindersma, Henk / Roose, Hanna / Sagberg, Sturla / Schwarz, Elisabeth E. / Valstar, Johan / Vandeursen, Anton / Vos, Pieter

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-492-6, 2013, 172 Pages
(Beiträge zur Kinder- und Jugendtheologie 24)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-34939

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Content: This volume contains the contributions for an international meeting of pedagogues in Religious Education in Europe. These pedagogues came together on 4 to 7 April, 2011 for a conference entitled Powerful Learning Environments & Theologizing and Philosophizing with Children at the Protestant Theological University in Kampen, the Netherlands.
The program included two main, intriguing questions:
What do we mean by the concept of a powerful learning environment?
What is the meaning of powerful learning environments for the practices of theologizing and philosophizing with children?

These questions were at first discussed in presentations dealing with the following topics:
The didactic preconditions and elements for teaching Religious Education from the perspective of a powerful learning environment
Examples of ‘good’ subject materials – stories, artefacts, textbooks, films and so on – to stimulate philosophizing and theologizing with children

Secondly, the concept and the meaning of powerful learning environments for theologizing and philosophizing with children in the practices of school and church were discussed on 7 April during the open conference day. A hundred and thirty interested people, experts and practitioners from the Netherlands and Belgium not only attended two inspiring performances about the state of the art of philosophizing and theologizing with children in Europe, but also visited various workshops afterwards.

The collected contributions in this volume provide a meaningful insight into an inspiring conference and invite anyone who is interested in children’s theology to continue thinking about the two central questions of the conference.

Table of Content

Kuindersma, Henk:Introduction: Child Theology: a Second International Conference

Contributions Expert Conference
Valstar, Johan:The Quest for Powerful Learning Environments. Children’s Theology & Elementarization
Jonker, Evert:Children in Interaction with Learning Environments. Meta-Reflections on Religious Education
Gates, Brian:Crucial Moments: Religious Development across the Life Span
Haakedal, Elisabet:Good RE? Enthusiastic Workbook Texts and Pleasant Memories of a Youngster: A Nordic Perspective
Hanesova, Dana:Listening to Children: A Welcoming RE Environment
Sagberg, Sturla:The Concept of “Child” and the Search for Powerful Learning Environments. A Norwegian Perspective

Contributions Open Conference
Kammeyer, Katharina /
Schwarz, Elisabeth E.:
“Why am I in this World?” Attitudes, Methods and Examples of Theologizing and Philosophizing with Children
Büttner, Gerhard:Narratives as Powerful Media in Philosophising and Theologising with Children

Workshops Open Conference
Kraft, Friedhelm /
Roose, Hanna:
Adventure Christology. Children and Young People Discover Jesus as Christ
Kuindersma, Henk:Poems and Songs & Theologizing with Children. Examples out of Practices
Vandeursen, Anton:Doing Philosophy with Children
Vos, Pieter:Discovering the Virtue in Moral Formation and Religious Education

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