On the importance of time synchronization for context aware applications

Klein, Bernd Niklas

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-226-7, 2012, 181 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-32279

Zugl.: Kassel, Univ., Diss. 2011

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Content: In context-awareness, sensors in the vicinity of the user are utilized to infer a user‘s situation. There is no single sensor that is able to correctly and completely access a user‘s situation, context awareness is always dependent on a multitude of sensor information to be aggregated to at least estimate a user‘s situation. It cannot be safely assumed that the clocks of all these sensor devices are accurately synchronized.

In this book

  • we discuss the issues related to time synchronization in context aware
  • analyze known time synchronization approaches and their applicability in context aware applications,
  • analyze and evaluate the reasons that cause time differences between devices,
  • evaluate common reasoning algorithms for their susceptibility to time synchronization related decreases of reasoning accuracy,
  • propose a conceptual approach to cope with the time synchronization issues along with a new architecture for context awareness,
  • and propose to incorporate time synchronization information into Quality of Context.

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