Erfolgsfaktoren von Weiterbildungsstudiengängen

- Eine empirische Analyse -

Vergara Gomez, Silke

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-180-2, 2011, 246 Pages
(Kasseler Management-Forum 6)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-31811

Zugl.: Kassel, Univ., Diss. 2011

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Content: The scientific further education on universities becomes more important over the past years in consequence of different challenges. Especially the Bologna-Process, the concept of lifelong learning and the institutional consolidation at the universities have a share in this regard. Particularly the Bologna-Process originates a new value the so­called Education-Master. The offers for such extra-occupational further educations are addressed to alumni with a (university) degree and with work experience not less than one year. Therefore, the demand for further educations requires fully economical decisions ensuring the success.

The present elaboration is related to the empirical studies of success factors for further educations. The identification of coactions between the important factors for the success of further educations provides an orientation for the universities.

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