Mehrsprachigkeit und fremdsprachlicher Deutschunterricht

Beitrag zur Entwicklung eines Konzepts der Mehrsprachigkeit und der Bildungsreform für Kamerun

Bassock, Jacques

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-088-1, 2011, 326 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-30890

Zugl.: Kassel, Univ., Diss. 2010

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Content: The Cameroon School Reform Law of April 1994 represents the basis of the present framework.

The main aim of this framework lies on the scientific examination of the multilingual phenomenon which is rather difficult to reduce in only one concept. It is also based on the development of a didactical concept of Plurilinguality that suits the multilingual situation of countries like Cameroon.

The so developed concept of plurilinguality is named “Didactic of Plurilingual waves”. It is characterized by the fact that languages in a multilingual and multicultural context are always learned in the same time in form of successive waves and not trough a sort of linearity.

Theoretical components like the Plurilinguality of Intra and Transaction (PIT) and its chaos theoretical conception, the importance of the involvement of the emotional intelligence, the metaphysical values and the Orality as a traditional learning system are the basis of this concept of plurilinguality. The rhetoric as a tool of implementation of the Orality and Plurilinguality, the memory or the mnemonics and the literacy for the promotion of Plurilinguality play as well an important role within this concept.

Furthermore, the “Didactic of Plurilingual waves” suppose not only the intervention of nativistic, constructivistic and interactionistic theories but also the theory of transaction.

Another specific Aim is the practice of the “Didactic of Plurilingual Waves” through a model of curriculum and the development of a syllabus for the German course in the secondary school. “Melodien 1”, a syllabus with just one module, presents the articulation of the “Didactic of Plurilingual Waves”.

However, the relationship between theory and practice within the development of learning materials bears essentially on a bottom-up perspective.

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