Untersuchung von Schulbüchern für den wirtschaftlichen Unterricht an beruflichen Schulen in Shanghai vor dem Hintergrund der Reform der Berufsausbildung in der VR China und der Ausbildung von Wirtschaftspädagogen an der Tongji Universität in Shanghai

Shi, Huili

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-068-3, 2011, 363 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-30698

Zugl.: Kassel, Univ., Diss. 2009

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Content: This research has been carried out in the background of China political, economic and education reforms in 1990s. Especially, the vocational education, which had been despised traditionally, would be established on a newly position. The class teaching objectives of vocational education is advanced, they are developing students the ability enterprises need in the market economy, and providing students the employment opportunities in the same time. One of the important research topics in this area is teaching and learning, which should be founded on the constructivism theory. Through this type of teaching and learning, students are able to acknowledge the relationship among future vocational domains, and evaluate the model science knowledge structure and its efficiency. These reforms are devoted to
overcome the shortcomings of remembering and recalling the knowledge in the traditional teaching mode. Additionally, previous researches indicate that the transition of teaching method highly depends on the teaching materials teacher used. These teaching materials should support student learning for comprehension, and set an example of learning by understanding. Based on these research results, amount of newly published commercial textbooks with different features and at different quality levels are analyzed in this research. This research relates to four topics, including economics core concepts, ideal economics models, criterion of laws and procedure knowledge, which constitute the central intension of economic course. The research about the four topics focuses on specific contents, from the
acknowledging and learning theories and methodologies, and other related academic theories, the possibility of teaching and learning is analyzed. The teaching theory and method are chosen with the standard of promoting students comprehension of specialty knowledge and grasping of vocational ability. The output and ideas from the analyses can be set as the standards for evaluating the textbook quality. The results of research on the chosen texts in different areas reveal that the text exposition way in current textbook still remains in the traditional model of information organization, that is, the message and facts are just enumerated together, but the issue of student acquiring capacity and knowledge is neglected. The publication of textbook shows outward the consideration of modern topics and contents,
but the text in exposition mode still demands student learning by mechanical memorizing. These characteristics of textbook go absolutely against the objectives of vocational education reform. This conclusion is extremely significant to the reform process, considering that the textbooks play important roles in teaching and learning. The conclusions of this research would provide suggestions for teacher training organizations.

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