Theory of Inquiry Learning Arrangements

Research, Reflection, and Implementation

Reitinger, Johannes / Haberfellner, Christina / Brewster, Eric / Kramer, Martin (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Beer, Gabriele / Bertsch, Christian / Gritschenberger, Irene / Haberfellner, Christina / Hauer, Beatrix / Hollick, Danièle / Keplinger, Gudrun / Kramer, Martin / Oyrer, Susanne / Patry, Jean-Luc / Reitinger, Johannes / Rocha, Karin da / Waid, Albin

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-7376-0144-3, 2016, 256 Pages

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-401453

DOI: 10.19211/KUP9783737601450

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Content: Human beings come equipped with a tendency to generally not want to leave thinking to others. With the endeavor to professionally, reflectively, and gracefully support each individual on the basis of this tendency, the paradigm of a curious, self-determined, and inquiring human is developed in this volume, which might point the way towards a promising future.

In view of such a perspective, the authors regard the pedagogical construct of self-determined Inquiry Learning as just such a promising concept. The Theory of Inquiry Learning Arrangements (TILA) concretizes this approach according to the principles of critical multiplism. The effectivity of TILA is scrutinized via the personalized concepts AuRELIA (Authentic Reflective Exploratory Learning and Interaction Arrangements) and CrEEd (Criteria-based Explorations in Education). These concepts are presented in detail, empirically investigated, and underpinned with practical examples. In the current edited volume, the concept of self-determined Inquiry Learning is further empirically substantiated and presented to the international community.

Table of Content


Part I: Introducing the Theory of Inquiry Learning Arrangements
Reitinger, Johannes /
Haberfellner, Christina /
Keplinger, Gudrun:
An Overview of the Theory of Inquiry Learning Arrangements (TILA)
Reitinger, Johannes /
Haberfellner, Christina /
Keplinger, Gudrun:
Inquiry Learning According to the AuRELIA Concept
Reitinger, Johannes:Criteria-based Explorations in Education: Introduction to the CrEEd Concept
Reitinger, Johannes:On the Nature and Empirical Accessibility of Inquiry Learning: The Criteria of Inquiry Learning Inventory (CILI)

Part II: Research on the Theory of Inquiry Learning Arrangements
Keplinger, Gudrun:Let’s CrEEd Student Teachers of English: Focus on Individualization in Tertiary Education
Rocha, Karin da:Need for CrEEd: Chances and Challenges of Inquiry Learning in Student Teacher Training in English as a Foreign Language
Beer, Gabriele /
Haberfellner, Christina /
Reitinger, Johannes:
Reflecting the Relevance of Principles of Inquiry Learning: Student Teachers’ Estimations
Hauer, Beatrix:AuRELIA Meets Mathematics Didactics: Inquiry Learning in Student Teacher Training
Hollick, Danièle:Autonomous Weeks: Inquiry Learning in Teacher Education from the Perspective of Student Teachers
Oyrer, Susanne:AuRELIA in Action: Inquiry Learning in Physics for Girls in Lower Secondary Education

Part III: Relating TILA to other theoretical frameworks
Patry, Jean-Luc:Inquiry Learning from the Perspective of Critical Multiplism and Related Concepts
Kramer, Martin:Inquiry Learning Arrangements and Expansive Learning: A Tentative Dialogue. Investigating TILA from a Cultural-Historical Perspective
Bertsch, Christian /
Gritschenberger, Irene:
Inquiry Based Science Education and Teacher Professional Development
Waid, Albin:Introducing Musical Inquiry Learning (MIL) according to TILA

Part IV: Conclusion
Reitinger, Johannes:Research and Reflections on the Theory of Inquiry Learning Arrangements: Commentaries and Further Directions

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