Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 1, Jg. 118

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL) (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Afonso, Ana / Alemu, Sintayehu Hailu / Andriesse, Edo / Aprilianti, Frimanisa / Ayushjav, Otgonjargal / Banda, McLoyd / Batibasila, Jiaoti / Baur, Ivo / Bindelle, Jérôme / Bogue, Joe / Bresci, Elena / Calvelo, Roberto / Castelli, Giulio / Diarra, Siaka Seriba / Dochain, Dennis / Dogot, Thomas / Donnelly, Art / Gazzarin, Christian / Gummert, Martin / Huyen, Le T. T. / Isitolo, Sila / Kaal, Joeri / Kempen, Luuk van / Kinkela, Charles / Koroilagilagi, Malakai / Lips, Markus / Lupea, Ulusagogo / Mafwila, Jacques / Mafwila Kinkela, Patrick / Maluhola, Latu / Markemann, André / Martínez Cortizas, Antonio / Maryudi, Ahmad / McBeath, Anna / McLaughlin, Hugh / Meas, Pyseth / Mulyana, Budi / Muth, Philipp C. / Mutiaka, Bienvenu Kambashi / Mvubu, Roger Ntoto / Nawir, Ani A. / Odongo, Nicholas E. / Onakuse, Stephen / Pin, Tara / Repar, Lana A. / Rollin, Xavier / Rota, Vasenai / Ruben, Ruerd / Sekartaji, Dewi Ayu / Singh-Peterson, Lila / Siswoko, Bowo Dwi / Soraya, Emma / Sorn, Vichet / Sulyat, Andika / Sumadio, Widyawati / Sumardamto, Purnomo / Supriyatno, Nunuk / Tamani, Simeli / Togtokhbayar, Norovsambuu / Tsevegmed, Munkhnasan / Underhill, Steven R. / Urankhaich, Chuluunbaatar / Vaea, Tevita / Yuwono, Teguh / Zárate, Anne Valle

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2017, 158 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 1/118/2017)

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Table of Content

Kaal, Joeri /
Calvelo, Roberto /
Donnelly, Art /
McBeath, Anna /
Martínez Cortizas, Antonio /
McLaughlin, Hugh:
Multi-methodological characterisation of Costa Rican biochars from small-scale retort and top-lit updraft stoves and inter-methodological comparison
Maryudi, Ahmad /
Nawir, Ani A. /
Sumardamto, Purnomo /
Sekartaji, Dewi Ayu /
Soraya, Emma /
Yuwono, Teguh /
Siswoko, Bowo Dwi /
Mulyana, Budi /
Supriyatno, Nunuk:
Beyond good wood: Exploring strategies for small-scale forest growers and enterprises to benefit from legal and sustainable certification in Indonesia
Alemu, Sintayehu Hailu /
Kempen, Luuk van /
Ruben, Ruerd:
Explaining technical inefficiency and the variation in income from apple adoption in highland Ethiopia: The role of unequal endowments and knowledge asymmetries
Muth, Philipp C. /
Markemann, André /
Huyen, Le T. T. /
Zárate, Anne Valle:
Discriminating the quality of local pork from crossbred pork from extensive production of ethnic minorities in mountainous northern Vietnam
Baur, Ivo /
Gazzarin, Christian /
Banda, McLoyd /
Lips, Markus:
The determinants of the performance of dairy smallholders in Malawi
Sumadio, Widyawati /
Andriesse, Edo /
Aprilianti, Frimanisa /
Sulyat, Andika:
Droughts and debts: The domestic tea value chain and vulnerable livelihoods in Girimukti village, West Java, Indonesia
Togtokhbayar, Norovsambuu /
Urankhaich, Chuluunbaatar /
Ayushjav, Otgonjargal /
Tsevegmed, Munkhnasan /
Odongo, Nicholas E.:
Effects of exogenous cellulase and xylanase enzyme preparations on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, growth, and economics of rearing Mongolian lambs
Underhill, Steven R. /
Singh-Peterson, Lila:
Improving non-communicable disease remediation outcomes in Tonga: the importance of domestic fruit production systems: an analysis
Diarra, Siaka Seriba /
Koroilagilagi, Malakai /
Tamani, Simeli /
Maluhola, Latu /
Isitolo, Sila /
Batibasila, Jiaoti /
Vaea, Tevita /
Rota, Vasenai /
Lupea, Ulusagogo:
Evaluation of cassava leaf meal protein in fish and soybean meal-based diets for young pigs
Repar, Lana A. /
Onakuse, Stephen /
Bogue, Joe /
Afonso, Ana:
Optimising contract design in modern food supply chains: The case of paprika sector in Central Malawi
Castelli, Giulio /
Bresci, Elena:
Participatory Rural Appraisal for Diagnostic Analysis of spate irrigation systems in Raya Valley, Ethiopia
Sorn, Vichet /
Meas, Pyseth /
Pin, Tara /
Gummert, Martin:
Effects of drying and storage management on fungi (Aflatoxin B1) accumulation and rice quality in Cambodia
Mafwila Kinkela, Patrick /
Mutiaka, Bienvenu Kambashi /
Dogot, Thomas /
Dochain, Dennis /
Rollin, Xavier /
Mvubu, Roger Ntoto /
Kinkela, Charles /
Mafwila, Jacques /
Bindelle, Jérôme:
Diversity of farming systems integrating fish pond aquaculture in the province of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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