Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 1, Jg. 117

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL) (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Ahmed, Musa Hasen / Asea, Godfrey / Asimwe, Lovince / Aveling, Theresa / Awerije, Brodrick O. / Ayambila, Sylvester Nsobire / Ayamga, Michael / Begum, Mst. Esmat Ara / Freyer, Bernhard / Fukuyama, Kiichi / Ghadiri, Hossein / Haneishi, Yusuke / Idota, Sachiko / Ishii, Yasuyuki / Jumba, Francis Richard / Kahlen, Katrin / Kale, Rajiv Baliram / Khairani, Lizah / Kikuchi, Masao / Kimambo, Abiliza / Kritzinger, Quenton / Kroschel, Jürgen / Laswai, Germana / Lubinga, Moses H. / Madsen, Jorgen / Malhotra, Ravinder / Mandiriza-Mukwirimba, Gloria / Markemann, André / Maruyama, Atsushi / Max, Johannes F. J. / Mohammad, Asif / Mtenga, Louis / Muth, Philipp C. / Mutwiwa, Urbanus N. / Mutyaba, Cedric / Nastis, Stefanos A. / Ogwal, Richard O. / Okonya, Joshua Sikhu / Papanagiotou, Evangelos / Rahman, Sanzidur / Reiber, Christoph / Safari, John / Sanjari, Gholamreza / Schmidt, Lilian / Singh, Khajan / Tokida, Kunihiro / Tsuboi, Tatsushi / Tumwesigye, Steven / Utamy, Renny Fatmyah / Wadkar, Sagar Kisan / Weisbjerg, Martin / Woldu, Tatek / Yeboah, Richard W. N. / Yu, Bofu / Zárate, Anne Valle

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2016, 190 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 1/117/2016)

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Table of Content

Wadkar, Sagar Kisan /
Singh, Khajan /
Mohammad, Asif /
Malhotra, Ravinder /
Kale, Rajiv Baliram:
Identifying the factors governing attitude towards the e-Agriservice among dairy farmers in Maharashtra, India
Utamy, Renny Fatmyah /
Ishii, Yasuyuki /
Idota, Sachiko /
Khairani, Lizah /
Fukuyama, Kiichi:
Development of mechanical methods for cell-tray propagation and field transplanting of dwarf napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach.)
Ayamga, Michael /
Yeboah, Richard W. N. /
Ayambila, Sylvester Nsobire:
An analysis of household farm investment decisions under varying land tenure arrangements in Ghana
Mandiriza-Mukwirimba, Gloria /
Kritzinger, Quenton /
Aveling, Theresa:
A survey of brassica vegetable smallholder farmers in the Gauteng and Limpopo provinces of South Africa
Max, Johannes F. J. /
Schmidt, Lilian /
Mutwiwa, Urbanus N. /
Kahlen, Katrin:
Effects of shoot pruning and inflorescence thinning on plant growth, yield and fruit quality of greenhouse tomatoes in a tropical climate
Kikuchi, Masao /
Haneishi, Yusuke /
Maruyama, Atsushi /
Tokida, Kunihiro /
Asea, Godfrey /
Tsuboi, Tatsushi:
The competitiveness of domestic rice production in East Africa: A domestic resource cost approach in Uganda
Woldu, Tatek /
Markemann, André /
Reiber, Christoph /
Muth, Philipp C. /
Zárate, Anne Valle:
Optimising contributions of goat farming to household economic success and food security in three production systems in Ethiopia
Okonya, Joshua Sikhu /
Kroschel, Jürgen:
Farmers’ knowledge and perceptions of potato pests and their management in Uganda
Begum, Mst. Esmat Ara /
Nastis, Stefanos A. /
Papanagiotou, Evangelos:
Determinants of technical efficiency of freshwater prawn farming in southwestern Bangladesh
Mutyaba, Cedric /
Lubinga, Moses H. /
Ogwal, Richard O. /
Tumwesigye, Steven:
The role of institutions as actors influencing Uganda’s cassava sector
Asimwe, Lovince /
Kimambo, Abiliza /
Laswai, Germana /
Mtenga, Louis /
Weisbjerg, Martin /
Madsen, Jorgen /
Safari, John:
Meat yield and quality of Tanzania Shorthorn Zebu cattle finished on molasses/maize grain with agro-processing by-products in 90 days feedlot period
Jumba, Francis Richard /
Freyer, Bernhard:
Perception of quality in certified organic pineapples by farmers in Kayunga district, Central Uganda: Implications for food security
Rahman, Sanzidur /
Awerije, Brodrick O.:
Exploring the potential of cassava in promoting agricultural growth in Nigeria
Sanjari, Gholamreza /
Ghadiri, Hossein /
Yu, Bofu:
Effects of time-controlled and continuous grazing on total herbage mass and ground cover
Ahmed, Musa Hasen:Climate change adaptation strategies of maize producers of the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

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