Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 2, Jg. 115

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL)

Mit Beiträgen von Arimi, Kayode / Baiyegunhi, Lloyd J. S. / Bennett, Ben / Fraser, Gavin C. G. / Hasanpur, Karim / Hornetz, Berthold / Jätzold, Ralph / Le, Van / Lyne, Michael / Mairura, Zacharia / Naziri, Diego / Nuthall, Peter / Quaye, Wilhelmina / Ratna, Nazmun / Shokrollahi, Borhan / Siwoku, Bernard / Teucher, Mike / Tu, Viet Phu / Wanlapatit, Sittichoke

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2014, 70 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 2/115/2014)

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Table of Content

Le, Van /
Lyne, Michael /
Ratna, Nazmun /
Nuthall, Peter:
Symptoms and causes of poverty in a rural Vietnamese commune: Does ethnicity matter?
Baiyegunhi, Lloyd J. S. /
Fraser, Gavin C. G.:
Smallholder farmers’ access to credit in the Amathole District Municipality, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Arimi, Kayode:Determinants of climate change adaptation strategies used by rice farmers in Southwestern, Nigeria
Teucher, Mike /
Hornetz, Berthold /
Jätzold, Ralph /
Mairura, Zacharia:
Assessing the users’ need for a spatial decision support system of smallholder farming in Kenya
Naziri, Diego /
Quaye, Wilhelmina /
Siwoku, Bernard /
Wanlapatit, Sittichoke /
Tu, Viet Phu /
Bennett, Ben:
The diversity of postharvest losses in cassava value chains in selected developing countries
Shokrollahi, Borhan /
Hasanpur, Karim:
Study of individual lactation patterns of Iranian dairy buffaloes

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