Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 1, Jg. 113

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL)

Mit Beiträgen von Abdalla, Ishtiag Faroug / Abdalla, Sahar Babiker / Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy / Angulo, Carlos / Apata, David Friday / Ayanwale, Adeolu Babatunde / Babalola, Theophilus Olayiwola / Becker, Mathias / Buerkert, Andreas / Cobanoglu, Ferit / Degrande, Ann / El-Siddig, Kamal / Franzel, Steven / Gyau, Amos / Harun, Sobri / Hsu, Minna J. / Idowu, Ezekiel Olukayode / Kassali, Rabirou / Möller, Detlev / Šálek, Lubomir / Shahid, Shamsuddin / Sloup, Roman / Takoutsing, Bertin / Tukimat, Nurul Nadrah Aqilah / Wassmann, Reiner / Williams, Stella Bola

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2012, 90 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 1/113/2012)

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Table of Content

Babalola, Theophilus Olayiwola /
Apata, David Friday:
Effects of dietary lipid source on growth, digestibility, and tissue fatty acid composition of Heterobranchus longifilis fingerlings
Kassali, Rabirou /
Ayanwale, Adeolu Babatunde /
Idowu, Ezekiel Olukayode /
Williams, Stella Bola:
Effect of rural transportation system on agricultural productivity in Oyo State, Nigeria
Šálek, Lubomir /
Sloup, Roman:
Economic evaluation of proposed pure and mixed stands in Central Vietnam highlands
Cobanoglu, Ferit:Is export orientation a major motivator for the adoption of food safety systems in the Turkish dried fig firms?
Gyau, Amos /
Takoutsing, Bertin /
Degrande, Ann /
Franzel, Steven:
Producers’ motivation for collective action for kola production and marketing in Cameroon
Abdalla, Ishtiag Faroug /
Abdalla, Sahar Babiker /
El-Siddig, Kamal /
Möller, Detlev /
Buerkert, Andreas:
Effects of red brick production on land use, household income, and greenhouse gas emissions in Khartoum, Sudan
Angulo, Carlos /
Becker, Mathias /
Wassmann, Reiner:
Yield gap analysis and assessment of climate-induced yield trends of irrigated rice in selected provinces of the Philippines
Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy /
Hsu, Minna J.:
Impact of floriculture development enhances livelihood of India’s rural women
Tukimat, Nurul Nadrah Aqilah /
Harun, Sobri /
Shahid, Shamsuddin:
Comparison of different methods in estimating potential evapotranspiration at Muda Irrigation Scheme of Malaysia

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