Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 1, Jg. 108

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL) (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Adegbite, A. / Barrigossi, J.A.F. / Bergero, D. / Bülbül, M. / Didonet, A.D. / Hammer, Karl / Khoshbakht, Korous / Kidane, Berhane / Krause, M. / Lanna, A.C. / Mattoni, M. / Moreira, F.P. / Moreira, J.A.A. / Ogunsumi, L.O. / Oyekan, P.O. / Quintela, E.D. / Ricardo, T.R. / Schiavone, A. / Tanrivermiş, H. / Uibrig, K. / Wander, Alcido Elenor

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2007, 100 Pages
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 1/108/2007)

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Table of Content

Krause, M. /
Uibrig, K. /
Kidane, Berhane:
Decision Modelling for the Integration of Woody Plants in Smallholder Farms in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia
Khoshbakht, Korous /
Hammer, Karl:
Threatened and Rare Ornamental Plants
Mattoni, M. /
Bergero, D. /
Schiavone, A.:
Assessment of Structural Traits and Management Related to Dairy Herds in the Peri-urban Area of Bobo Dioulasso (South West of Burkina Faso)
Wander, Alcido Elenor /
Didonet, A.D. /
Moreira, J.A.A. /
Moreira, F.P. /
Lanna, A.C. /
Barrigossi, J.A.F. /
Quintela, E.D. /
Ricardo, T.R.:
Economic Viability of Small Scale Organic Production of Rice, Common Bean and Maize in Goias State, Brazil
Tanrivermiş, H. /
Bülbül, M.:
The Profitability of Animal Husbandry Activities on Farms in Dry Farming Areas and the Interaction between Crop Production and Animal Husbandry: The Case of Ankara Province in Turkey
Ogunsumi, L.O. /
Adegbite, A. /
Oyekan, P.O.:
Economic Impact Assessment for Technology: TheCaseofImproved Soybean Varieties in Southwest Nigeria

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