Towards a Shared Vision for Higher Education

Cross-Cultural Insights & Projects, Vol. V

Amini, Siawuch / Fremerey, Michael / Wesseler, Matthias

Mit Beiträgen von Alvarez-Chavez, Jose A. / Azcarraga, Arnulfo P. / Badillo Vega, Rosalba / Cabrera Lazarini, José Guadalupe Octavio / Cruz, Juan Carlos / Ekawati Tallei, Trina / Fikawati Purnomo, Sandra / Fininsa, Chemeda / García, Romel / Gonzales, Hilda Dina C. / Lyrawati, Diana / MacJessie-Mbewe, Samson / Maluwa-Banda, Dixie / Martinez, Silvia / Matasyoh, Josphat / Mendez Libby, Carla / Merab Kagoda, Alice / Muthei, Ruth / Omondi Mondoh, Helen / Reza Zali, Mohammad / Salman, Abdul Wahab A. / Samiaji, Joko / Sandoval, Aurea Marie M. / Shabaya, Patrick M. / Sito, Leonila R. / Soto-Estrada, E. / Suharsini Soetopo, Margaretha / Sumarti, Titik / Thanh, Nguyen Huu / Vajargah, Kourosh Fathi / Vargas Dengo, Marie-Claire

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-892-7, 2010, 412 Seiten

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-8936

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Merab Kagoda, Alice:Coping With Student Numbers in Tertiary Institutions Through Effective Communication. A Case for the School of Education, Makerere University. Uganda
Azcarraga, Arnulfo P.:Promoting Shared-Governance in Universities through a Multi-perspective Decision-making Tool
Lyrawati, Diana:Interprofessional internship for clinical pharmacy in the Department of Pharmacy of Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University and dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang
Maluwa-Banda, Dixie:Proposed Policy on Student Evaluation of Teaching Faculty in the University of Malawi: Organisation and Management of its Implementation
Fikawati Purnomo, Sandra:Increasing Scientific Culture and Performance of Undergraduate Students in the University of Indonesia (Ui)
Samiaji, Joko:Strengthening the Accreditation Process of Study Programs at the University of Riau, Indonesia towards National Competitiveness
Vargas Dengo, Marie-Claire:An Organizational Strategy Proposal to Develop Teamwork at Division of Basic Education - CIDE, UNA, Costa Rica
Sandoval, Aurea Marie M.:Integration Of The University Eco-Waste Management Program into The College Of Arts And Sciences, Benguet State University: A Proposal
Muthei, Ruth:Establishing a Database Resource Centre For Theses and Dissertations in the Department of Religious Studies at Kenyatta University
Shabaya, Patrick M.:Implementing a Performance Management System for Academic Staff at Strathmore University
Ekawati Tallei, Trina:Establishment Of Biotechnology Center At Faculty Of Mathematics And Natural Sciences Sam Ratulangi University
Sumarti, Titik:Enhancing Competence Through Professional Field Work In The Faculty Of Human Ecology – Bogor Agricultural University (Ipb)
Salman, Abdul Wahab A.:A Proposal for Organizing & Designing Effective Online Courses
Mendez Libby, Carla:Identifying Strengths And Weaknesses of Self Evaluation Processes of the State Universities in Costa Rica
Gonzales, Hilda Dina C.:The Health Care Team Approach in the Clinical Training of the Health Professional at the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute: A Curricular Project Proposal
Omondi Mondoh, Helen:Innovative Skills and Strategies in Teaching Large Undergraduate Classes at Egerton University
Alvarez-Chavez, Jose A.:“Improving Teaching Skills, a Proposal at CIITEC-IPN”
Cruz, Juan Carlos:Self-Evaluation of Careers in Higher Education: A proposal for a Staff Training Programme at the Faculty of Arts andS ciences of the University of El Salvador
García, Romel:Design of a Master Degree Program in Energy and Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering of Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
Martinez, Silvia:Including the working world in the Education Specialist Curriculum in Comahue University
Soto-Estrada, E.:Curriculum Reform in Higher Education Civil Engineering towards Sustainable Development: a Case Study in Honduras
Badillo Vega, Rosalba /
Cabrera Lazarini, José Guadalupe Octavio:
Transdisciplinary Interaction Between University, Industry and Government in a Knowledge Based Society. Experience and Proposals of México
Fininsa, Chemeda:Postgraduate Training and Its Impact on Graduates Work Performance, and Feedbacks: The Case of Haramaya University, Ethiopia
Matasyoh, Josphat:Reorganisation of Research Management as an Institutional Reputation Building Process: The case of Egerton University
Vajargah, Kourosh Fathi:Toward an Alternative Scenario for Research Needs Assessment at University Level (Focus on National University of Iran)
Sito, Leonila R.:Promoting Quality And Relevance In Graduate School Research Proceses of The Benguet State University, Philippines
Suharsini Soetopo, Margaretha:Evaluation of an Integrated Curriculum Using Problem-Based Learning Method in the Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia
Reza Zali, Mohammad:Assessment of Organizational Learning at The University of Tehran-Iran
Thanh, Nguyen Huu:Quality Improvement at the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications – Hanoi University of Technology
MacJessie-Mbewe, Samson:A Proposal to Investigate the Improvement of Professional Practices to Facilitate Adult Learning: A Case of Chancellor College’s Faculty of Education

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