Agrobiodiversity and genetic erosion

Contributions in Honor of Prof. Dr. Karl Hammer

Buerkert, Andreas / Gebauer, J. (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Akhalkatsi, M. / Alcóer, E. / Apaza, V. / Bravo, R. / Damghani, A. M. / Diederichsen, Axel / Dochez, C. / Dubois, Thomas / Esquivel Pérez, Miguel A. / Estrada, R. / Gaetano, L. / Girgvliani, T. / Gladis, Th. / Guzmán, L. / Hammer, Karl / Khoshbakht, Korous / Ortiz, R. / Padulosi, S. / Perrino, P. / Pignone, D. / Pinto, M. / Pistrick, K. / Podyma, W. / Rojas, W. / De Schutter, B. / Shanshiashvili, T. / Soto, J. L. / Speijer, P. R. / Szabó, A. T. / Tabrizi, L. / Tenkouano, A. / Valdivia, R. / De Waele, Dirk / Xhuveli, L.

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-680-0, 2009, 195 Seiten
(Journal of Agriculture Beiheft 92)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-6819

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Esquivel Pérez, Miguel A.:Plant genetic Resources Acvtivities of Karl Hammer in Cuba: Brillant Scientist, Exigent Master and Faithful Friend
Diederichsen, Axel:Taxonomical and Morphological Assessments of Infra-specific Diversity in Cultivated Flax
Gladis, Th. /
Hammer, Karl /
Perrino, P. /
Podyma, W. /
Xhuveli, L.:
Report of the Third Collecting Mission in Albania, Autumn 1994
Xhuveli, L.:Review on Wheat Breeding and Genetic Resources in Albania
Pignone, D.:Men and Plants: A History Inscribed in Words, Drawings and DANN
Rojas, W. /
Valdivia, R. /
Padulosi, S. /
Pinto, M. /
Soto, J. L. /
Alcóer, E. /
Guzmán, L. /
Estrada, R. /
Apaza, V. /
Bravo, R.:
From Neglect to Limelight: Issues, Methods and Approaches in Enhancing Sustainable Coservation and Use of Andean Grains in Bolivia and Peru
Gaetano, L.:Microevolution of Scolymus Hispanicus L. (Compositae) in south Italy: From Gathering of Wild Plants to Some Attempts of Cultivation
Pistrick, K. /
Akhalkatsi, M. /
Girgvliani, T. /
Shanshiashvili, T.:
Collecting Plant Genetic Resources in Upper Svanetia (Georgia, Caucasus Meontains) 2008
Dochez, C. /
Speijer, P. R. /
De Schutter, B. /
Dubois, Thomas /
Tenkouano, A. /
De Waele, Dirk /
Ortiz, R.:
Host Plant Resistance and Tolerance of Musa Landraces and Hybrids to Nematode Infestation
Khoshbakht, Korous /
Tabrizi, L. /
Damghani, A. M.:
Contribution of Local Agricultural Systems in Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources in Central Alburz Region/Iran
Szabó, A. T.:Early Studies on Meiotic Chromosomes and the Paradigm in the Germ-Plasm Concept
Khoshbakht, Korous:Esfahanian Emmer (Triticum Ishphanicum Heslot) - A Case of an Extinct On-farm Crop

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