Architecture - Design Methods - Inca Structures

Festschrift for Jean-Pierre Protzen

Dehlinger, Johanna / Dehlinger, Hans (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Acosta, Domingo / AlSayyad, Nezar / Becker, Leslie / Cavallin, Humberto / Comerio, Mary C. / Crysler, C. Greig / Cuff, Dana / Dehlinger, Hans / Dehlinger, Johanna / Gerzso, J. Michael / Harris, David J. / Julien, Catherine / Nair, Stella E. / Noble, Douglas / Olsen, Donald E. / Ouye, Joe Akinori / Reuter, Wolf / Rujivacharakul, Vimalin / Toxey, Anne / Upton, Dell

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-668-8, 2009, 200 Seiten

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-6693

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Dehlinger, Johanna /
Dehlinger, Hans:
Acosta, Domingo:Development of a Confined Masonry Structural Wall Technique for Low-Cost Housing in Venezuela
AlSayyad, Nezar:Planning Lessons of the American Dream: Historical Limitations and Democratizing Potential
Becker, Leslie:Ethics and the Graphic Problems of Hypermodernity
Cavallin, Humberto:Caliphs, Intentionalities, and the Design Process
Comerio, Mary C.:Hog Fat and Other Theories: A Refutation of Magical Thinking
Crysler, C. Greig:On the Ends and Intentions of Design
Cuff, Dana:Deliberations about Privacy and Publicity in the Security City
Dehlinger, Hans:Algorist's Delight: Experiments with Pen-Plotters
Gerzso, J. Michael:Tangled Rules and the Limits of Discourse
Harris, David J.:Design Theories and Cognitive Science: The Embodied Mind and Design
Julien, Catherine:The Embryonic Inca Empire, with Particular Reference to Chinchaysuyo
Nair, Stella E.:Inca Architecture and the Conquest of the Countryside
Noble, Douglas:Directions for Doctoral Education in Architecture in North America
Olsen, Donald E.:On The Occasion
Ouye, Joe Akinori:The Wickedness of Work-Systems Problems
Reuter, Wolf:Wunden Narben Krisen - Das Argumentative Modell in der Zeit
Rujivacharakul, Vimalin:On Wu and Things
Toxey, Anne:Under Glass and In the Looking Glass Perspectives on the Preservation and Display of Cultural History
Upton, Dell:Grid as Design Method: The Spatial Imagination in Early New Orleans

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