Dynamisches Verhalten von Elastomerwerkstoffen

Experimentelle Untersuchung und kontinuumsmechanische Modellierung

Kardelky, Christian

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-531-5, 2004, 230 Seiten
(Berichte des Instituts für Mechanik 2/2004)

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Inhalt: The goal of this Thesis is the development of constitutive continuum models for the description of the viscoelastic behaviour of dynamically loaded elastomers.

Storage and loss modulus are measured in experiments. Both functions strongly depend on the amplitude of the input signal (Payne-effect. Physical nonlinearity). An additional geonmetrical nonlinearity results from the finite static predeformation. Several differential equations are discussed and solved for a dynamic input signal. It is shown that linear viscoelastic models don't lead a amplitude dependent modules.

A new one-dimensional material model, including an intrinsic time scale and a fractional damper, simulates the Payne effect very well.

A three-dimensional constitutive model taking account for geometrical nonlinearities is defined. It is shown whow the proposed three-dimensional model reduces to the one-dimensional formulation. The number of materialparameters is restricted to a minimum.