Gender, Health, and Cultures

Networking for a better Future for Women within an enlarged Europe

Lasch, Vera / Freitag, Walburga / Sonntag, Ute (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Babitsch, Birgit / Csoboth, Csilla / Freitag, Walburga / Fuchs, Judith / Heidtke, Birgit / Hofmeister, Arnd / Kaselitz, Verena / Kirar Fazarinc, Irena / Kreutzner, Gabriele / Lasch, Vera / Maguiré, Peggy / Neumann, Brigitte / Obersnel Kveder, Dunja / Pott, Elisabeth / Scheffler, Monika / Sonntag, Ute / Sturm, Gesine / Tarasiewic, Malgorzata / Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Beata

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-164-5, 2006, 240 Seiten

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-1641

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Inhalt: What do we know about gender & health in the enlarged European Union? Which are the important gender specific health concerns in the new EU-member states at present? Which are gender relevant aspects in debates like globalisation or violence?

The specific country cultures are not only different in regard to their health systems, but also in integrating gender aspects in research, policy and practice. The very definitions of health, illness and health related social problems are different. If networks focus on gender specific aspects of health and illness, the necessity for transnational communication is evident.

This book gives an overview about gender & health in the EU with a strong focus on Eastern European Countries. Instruments for bringing gender aspects in health related research, prevention and health care are introduced. The increasing importance of the internet is shown. Central elements in the process of intercultural networking are described.

The book will support the efforts of mutual understanding and gives valuable information for all who are involved in processes of networking in the field of gender & health or will do it in the future.

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Pott, Elisabeth:Foreword
Freitag, Walburga /
Lasch, Vera /
Sonntag, Ute:
Gender, Health and European Cultures. An Introduction

Understandung and Networking within a New Europe
Kreutzner, Gabriele:Intercultural Work and Communication - Challenges for the New Europe
Sturm, Gesine:Listening to the "Other" in Transcultural Therapies. Worldviews, Idiomatic Expressions of Illness and the Use of Cultural Representations in Intercultural Communication
Lasch, Vera:Gender and Health: Internet and Network Activities
Freitag, Walburga:Meeting EU-Conference Participants Interests with the "Open Space" Method - Some Reflection on Process and Results

Identifying and Applying Gender Aspects in Health
Fuchs, Judith /
Babitsch, Birgit:
Gender-Based Analysis: Concepts and Importance
Neumann, Brigitte:A Healthy Balance: Applied Research on Women's Paid Work and Unpaid Caregiving in Nova Scotia, Canada
Heidtke, Birgit:Database Women's Health and Health Promotion as a Means to Understanding and Networking

Gender-relevant Issues and Debates
Hofmeister, Arnd:Neo-liberal Challenges for the Health: Gender Sensitive Reflections on GATS and the EU-Directive on Services
Kaselitz, Verena:Violence against Women - A Public Health Concern and a Pandemic Human Rights Violation
Tarasiewic, Malgorzata:"Our Bodies, Ourselves" - A Polish Edition as a Way to Reclaim Women's Bodies and Promote Choice in Poland?

Facts and Figures on Gender and Health in the New Europe
Maguiré, Peggy:Gender in the Field of Public Health - Implications for Policy
Csoboth, Csilla:Women's Health in Hungary
Tobiasz-Adamczyk, Beata:Cultural Dterminants of Social Position and Health Status of Older Women in Poland
Kirar Fazarinc, Irena /
Obersnel Kveder, Dunja:
Current Perspectives in Women’s Reproductives Health Care in Slovenia
Scheffler, Monika:The Glasgow Women’s Health Policy – A Model for Local Strategies

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