Food Security and Sustainable Resource Management in a Market Economy: Challenges and Options

4th International Symposium - cum - Workshop in Southeast Asia 13 - 17 October 2003, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jaturasitha, Sanchai (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Abdullah, Luki / Akyas, Aos Mohammad / B. Teves, Lurli / Baga, Gemma N. / Baga, Lukman M. / Boadilla Abalos, Emilia / Chakeredza, S. / Chaowittayangkul, Naraporn / Delgado, E. / Dirksen, Hagen / Dumlao, Florentina S. / Erythrea / Gruber, F. / Hartulistiyoso, Edy / Herlina, Lien / Huong Lan, Pham Thi / Iis Aisyah, Syarifah / Irawan, B. / Jaturasitha, Sanchai / Karimuna, La / Keoboualapheth, Chanphone / Kirk, Michael / Krasachat, Wirat / Kühne, Ronald F. / Lango, A.P.N. / Leangwunta, Varaporn / Malik, Adam / Manig, Winfried / Marwoto, Budi / Mikled, Choke / Na-Lampang, Kannika / Nguyen Huan, Bui / Nurhayati, A. / Nurpilihan / Ogbinar, Antonio O. / Pawelzik, E. / Permana, Idat Galih / Pertiwi, Setyo / Phetmung, Hirihattaya / Phuong, Tran Thi Mai / Pichpol, Duangporn / Pith Loan, Chhum / Pripwai, Nakarin / Pujaningsih, R. I. / Quang Minh, Pham / Röpke, Jochen / Sanguanpong, Unchalee / Santosa, Entun / Sinlae, Y. / Siregar, Iskandar Z. / Sock Chea, Heng / Songsang, Aporn / Suppadit, Tawadchai / Suwanpugdee, Adcharatt / Suwarna, Ujang / Tampubolon, Jongkers / Tanguilig, Herminia C. / Tantipat, Suwat / Tartrakoon, Wandee / Temyord, Kachapron / ter Meulen, Udo / Thi An, Bui / Thi Lan, Do / Thingaard, Grete / Tieu, Hoang Van / Tipakorn, Naiyana / Tuan, Vu Van / Tumapon, Teresita T. / Vlek, Paul L.G. / Wibowo, C. / Wientarsih, Ietje / Winarti, Sih / Zadrazi, Frantisek / Zimmermann, Willi

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-89958-076-1, 2004, 374 Seiten
(Journal of Agriculture Beiheft 80)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-0762

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Inhalt: The goal of this proceeding was to provide a forum for long-term collaboration among German Alumni in Southeast Asia. These research works were conducted in Germany and Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) There were one keynote to Land and Resource Policy in Post-Conflict Countries and a second keynote to Knowledge Mobilization and Academic Entrepreneurship.

Following the articles are scientific works which are divided into three sessions according to the research topics. The three major topics were: (A) Food Security, (B) Natural Resources, further divided into subtopics (1) Forestry and agro-forestry Systems, (2) Plant Production and Irrigated Agriculture (3) Livestock Production Systems and (C) Organization and Management of the Rural Economy.


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Jaturasitha, Sanchai:Report by SEAG Representative Thailand, Local Organizing Committee, Chiang Mai
Kirk, Michael:Address by SEAG Consortium Coordinator
ter Meulen, Udo:Welcome Address by Honorary Alumni of Chiang Mai University
Dirksen, Hagen:Remark by German Honorary Consul, Chiang Mai
Tantipat, Suwat:Opening Address by Governor of Chiang Mai Province

Zimmermann, Willi:Land and Resource Policy in Post-Conflict Countries
Röpke, Jochen:Knowledge Mobilization and Academic Entrepreneurship

Food Security
Tampubolon, Jongkers:Multiple Employment as a Strategy of Labour Resource Management for Sustainable Food Security (Case Study in Peasant Community of North Sumatra, Indonesia)
Pertiwi, Setyo:A System Dynamics Model for Policy Analysis in Food Security System in Indonesia
Hartulistiyoso, Edy:The Role of Post Harvest Handling System in the Indonesian Food Security Program
Wibowo, C. /
Pawelzik, E. /
Delgado, E. /
Strengthening Food Security Program by Utilization of Medium Altitudes Land on Potato Cultivation
B. Teves, Lurli:Whose Food is Secured? A Case of Community-Based Contract Reforestation in the Philippines
Santosa, Entun:Special Programme for Food Security as a Concept for Alleviate Rural Poverty
Herlina, Lien:Critical Review on Food Security and Policies Towards Poverty: The Living Experience of the Indonesian Government
Manig, Winfried:The Significance of Appropriate Farmer’s Organizations for Sustainable Rural Development an Example from Pakistan

Forestry, Agro-forestry Systems
Tanguilig, Herminia C.:Exploring Agroforestry Systems to Attain Self Sufficiency: Some Strategies and Activities
Malik, Adam:Management der Baumart Diospyros Celebica Bakh (Ebenholz) in Indonesien
Huong Lan, Pham Thi /
Tuan, Vu Van:
Effects of Forest Activities on Runoff
Sinlae, Y. /
Lango, A.P.N.:
Study of Sandalwood (Santalum album, L) Regeneration Programmes in East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia
Suwarna, Ujang:Animal Logging: An Environmental Friendly Technology in Sustainable Forest Resources Management
Siregar, Iskandar Z.:Trend in the Roles of Forestry Towards Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia (1993-2002)

Plant Production, Irrigated Agriculture
Permana, Idat Galih /
ter Meulen, Udo /
Zadrazi, Frantisek:
Cultivation of Pleurotus Ostreatus and Lentinus Edodes on Lignocellulosic Substrates for Human Food and Animal Feed Production
Winarti, Sih /
Akyas, Aos Mohammad:
Increasing Productivity of Ultisols With Greenmanure and Phosphate Fertilizer: A Case With Upland-Rice in Agroforestry System in Central Kalimantan
Boadilla Abalos, Emilia:Enhancing Conservation of Indigenous and Underutilized Plants for Food
Karimuna, La:Assessment of Land Suitability for Sustainable Agriculture Production in Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia
Sanguanpong, Unchalee:A Case Study of RIT-Pilot Plant for Thai Neem-Based Extract Processing: From Research in BRD to Small-Scale Industrial Production in Thailand
Iis Aisyah, Syarifah /
Marwoto, Budi /
Potential Yield Test of Five Lilies Genotypes (Lilium spp.)
Tipakorn, Naiyana /
Tartrakoon, Wandee /
Thingaard, Grete /
ter Meulen, Udo:
Antibacterial Activity of Andrographis Paniculata Leaf Extracts

Livestock Production Systems
Suwanpugdee, Adcharatt /
Songsang, Aporn /
Phetmung, Hirihattaya:
A Study of the Blood Chemistry Value of Thai Native Male Chicken In Phattalung Province
Nurhayati, A. /
Chakeredza, S. /
ter Meulen, Udo:
Determination of Metabolite Products of Chlorocholine Chloride (CCC) in Tissues of Laying Hens Receiving 15N-CCC Diets
Wientarsih, Ietje /
ter Meulen, Udo:
Lipid Metabolism in Rabbits Offered Diets Varying in Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb.)
Pripwai, Nakarin /
Chaowittayangkul, Naraporn /
Suppadit, Tawadchai /
Jaturasitha, Sanchai:
Sulfamethazine Residues in Pork With Difference Withdrawal Periods and Pig Tissues in Chiang Mai Market
Pith Loan, Chhum /
Sock Chea, Heng:
Research on Chicken Breeding by Using Mixed Semen of Hubbard and Local Cocks with Isa-Brown Hens and Theirs Hybrids Growth Rate
Jaturasitha, Sanchai /
Leangwunta, Varaporn /
Pichpol, Duangporn /
Na-Lampang, Kannika /
Temyord, Kachapron:
Effect of the Addition of Different Acids and Propyl Gallate Dips on Colonisation of Aged Poultry with E.Coli, Staphylococcus areus and Salmonella
Keoboualapheth, Chanphone:The Potential Use of Stylosanthes guianensis CIAT 184 as a Protein Source for Indigenous Pigs in the Upland Farming System in Laos
Mikled, Choke:The Potential Use of Stylosanthes guianensis CIAT 184 as a Protein Source for Indigenous Pigs in the Upland Farming System in Laos
Pripwai, Nakarin /
Chaowittayangkul, Naraporn /
Suppadit, Tawadchai /
Jaturasitha, Sanchai:
Effects of Cooking of Cooking Methods of Thai Spice Sausage on Chemical Composition and Sensory Evaluation

Organization and Management of the Rural Economy
Dumlao, Florentina S. /
Baga, Gemma N.:
Strengthening the Effective Implementation of Research and Development in La Union, Philippines
Ogbinar, Antonio O.:Spurring Rural Economy and Productivity Through Cooperatives in the Face of Globalization and Technology Revolution
Phuong, Tran Thi Mai /
Tieu, Hoang Van:
Village Chicken Production System in Vietnam, What Does the Future Hold
Baga, Lukman M.:The Role of Co-operative Entrepreneurs in Developing Milk Agribusiness System in Indonesia
Krasachat, Wirat:Economic Inefficiencies of Rice Farms in Thailand
Quang Minh, Pham:Land Dispute in a Red River Delta’s Province since Renovation
Nguyen Huan, Bui:Organization and Management of Rural Economy (Especially in Agriculture) in a Market Economy in Vietnam
Thi An, Bui /
Thi Lan, Do:
Reorganize the Structure of Production in Hoang Liet Village in the Process of Urbanization
Tumapon, Teresita T.:Urgent: Calling for Academic Revolution

Abdullah, Luki /
Kühne, Ronald F. /
Vlek, Paul L.G.:
Soil Microbes-Plant Competition for P in the Soil Amended With Plant Materials from Fallow Vegetation
Pujaningsih, R. I.:Fermentation of Rice Bran to Increase Phosphorous Availability by using Rumen Liquor
Irawan, B. /
Gruber, F.:
Morphological Variability of Ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwageri T. et B.) in Natural Forest

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