Children's voices

Theological, philosophical and spiritual perspectives

Freudenberger-Lötz, Petra / Büttner, Gerhard (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Bravená, Noemi / Büttner, Gerhard / Champagne, Elaine / Freudenberger-Lötz, Petra / Haakedal, Elisabet / Kammeyer, Katharina / Roose, Hanna / Sagberg, Sturla / Schwarz, Elisabeth E. / Zimmermann, Mirjam

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-922-8, 2015, 171 Seiten
(Beiträge zur Kinder- und Jugendtheologie 32)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-39234

DOI: 10.19211/KUP9783862199235

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Inhalt: The third meeting of the European network of children’s theology took place in April 2013 in Trondheim, Norway. Sturla Sagberg organised this meeting with great care and commitment, and intended to publish the contributions to the conference in a book to make them accessible to the wider public. The approach of children’s theology has been specified and differentiated over the course of the last ten years. This book provides insight into the process and results of different European and North American research projects. As the practice of children’s theology is linked to the “great questions”, which are equally raised by children’s philosophy, the range of topics of both the conference and this book are marked by the terms children’s theology, children’s philosophy and spirituality.


Freudenberger-Lötz, Petra /
Büttner, Gerhard:
Sagberg, Sturla:Taking a children’s rights perspective on children’s spirituality and on church work with children
Champagne, Elaine:Born to the Word
Haakedal, Elisabet:Spiritual nurture for each and every member aged 0 to18 years: Two children’s voices from the Religious Education reform of the Church of Norway in the second decade of the 21st century
Bravená, Noemi:Philosophising and theologising with, for and of children as a way to an integrated development of children’s transcending within the post-communist society and the place of these methods within the reform efforts of “turning to child”
Schwarz, Elisabeth E.:Workshop: Philosophizing with children – or maybe theologising?
Zimmermann, Mirjam:Considering the Questions of Children and Adolescents – A Didactic Principle of DiscussingTheology with Children and Adolescent
Büttner, Gerhard:Addressing the question of the supernatural in children’s theology
Roose, Hanna:“Has God spoken to you?” Scenes from a lesson in Religious Education within the framework of Child Theology Workshop held at the International Conference on Children’s voices, Trondheim (Norway), 8-10 April 2013
Kammeyer, Katharina:Teachers’ perspectives on theologising and diversity in classroom teaching
Freudenberger-Lötz, Petra:How to develop a perception of children's theological interpretations: Implementing researchin daily practice

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