Towards Multilingualism and the Inclusion of Cultural Diversity

De Florio-Hansen, Inez (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von De Florio-Hansen, Inez / Königs, Frank G. / Kramsch, Claire / Lüdi, Georges / Meißner, Franz-Joseph / Rück, Nicola

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-86219-222-9, 2011, 152 Seiten
(Interkulturalität und Mehrsprachigkeit 3)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-32237

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Inhalt: The inclusion of cultural diversity – an imperative necessity in most western societies – is not only based on tolerance and respect. Heterogeneity, often considered as a great disadvantage, especially in the field of education, should be seen as a chance and an enrichment of host communities. Therefore, the contributions of this volume opt for a school education which offers equal opportunities to every student, including children and adolescents with migration backgrounds. A crucial issue in this context, beyond empathy and a positive attitude of both sides, is migration-induced multilingualism. This anthology provides insights into newer concepts of increasing diversification in migration societies and into individual multilingualism, which is not a deviance but an obvious human condition all over the world.


De Florio-Hansen, Inez:Introduction
Kramsch, Claire:Multilingualism of the other
Meißner, Franz-Joseph:Teaching and learning intercomprehension: a way to plurilingualism and learner autonomy
Königs, Frank G.:The issue concerning the pedagogy of multilinguism - where is it going?
Rück, Nicola:Are migrant children the better learners of French? About monolinguals and plurilinguals in the foreighn language classroom
De Florio-Hansen, Inez:How migrant students of Turkish origin perceive their school and family contexts
Lüdi, Georges:Integration and empowerment of immigrant language minorities

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