Symposium on Breeding for Diversification

A Joint Meeting of the EUCARPIA Section, Organic and Low-Input Agriculture, ECO-PB, LIVESEED, INSUSFAR, DIVERSify, HealthyMinorCereals, ReMIX, and Wheatamix University of Kassel, 19th–21st February 2018, Witzenhausen, Germany

Baćanović-Šišić, Jelena / Dennenmoser, Dominic / Finckh, M.R. (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Akkoc, Y. / Allard, V. / Andrieu, B. / Annichiarico, P. / Arncken, C. M. / Ayenan, M. A. T. / Baćanović-Šišić, Jelena / Backes, Gunter / Baresel, J. P. / Becker, H. C. / Bickler, C. / Blanc, E. / Bocci, R. / Boesen, N. R. / Boissinot, F. / Boixel, L. / Borg, J. / Brandmeier, J. / Buerstmayr, H. / Bülow, L. / Bussi, B. / Butschard, T. / Cadena-González, A. L. / Cakmak, I. / Chour, V. / Cocco, S. / Corti, G. / Costanzo, A. / Creissen, H. / Cuendet, C. / Danquah, A. / Dennenmoser, Dominic / Dittert, K. / Dumalasová, V. / Enjalbert, J. / Finckh, M.R. / Fintz, C. / Firmat, C. / Forst,, E. / Frank, G. van / Frese, L. / Gaile, Z. / Gauffreteau, A. / Gigot, C. / Goldringer, I. / Hancer, O. / Hoad, S. / Hoebe, P. / Hohmann, P. / Horneburg, B. / Hruzevskyi, O. / Hutař, M. / Jäkel, Andreas / Janovská, D. / Jumel, S. / Kiær, L. P. / Knapp, S. / Kolesnyk, O. / Kronberg, A. / Lammerts van Bueren, E.T. / Langrume, C. / Legzdiņa, L. / Lingner, A. / Link, W. / Litrico, I. / Ločmele, I. / Lyubenova, L. / Martsch, R. / Messmer, M. / Mommer, L. / Moussart, A. / Moutier, N. / Nachtigall, M. / Parzefall, M. / Pasternak, S. / Pearce, B. / Pettiti, M. / Pfeiffer, András / Riviere, P. / Ruland, M. / Scherber, C. / Schmidt, J. H. / Siebrecht-Schöll, D. / Tavoletti, S. / Tengstrand, E. / Thiaville, L. / Unger, S. / Venger, A. / Vidal, T. / Vijaya Bhaskar, A. V. / Volvkova, N. / Wedemeyer-Kremer, B. / Weedon, O. / Weiner, J. / Wolfe, M. S.

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-7376-0462-8, 2018, 151 Seiten

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-404632

DOI: 10.19211/kup9783737604635

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Inhalt: We are very happy that in this symposium researchers from a multitude of countries around the world are coming together in order to discuss issues about breeding for intra- and inter-specific diversity as well for annuals as for perennials. The submitted abstracts show that the activities are far wider than just the cereals that are covered by the EU directive and that there will be a need to expand the activities on the legal side.


Backes, Gunter /
Baresel, J. P. /
Enjalbert, J. /
Finckh, M.R. /
Kiær, L. P. /
Lammerts van Bueren, E.T. /
Litrico, I. /
Messmer, M.:

The projects that teamed up for this symposium

Symposium Program

Breeding for intra-species diversity
Kiær, L. P. /
Boesen, N. R.:
Trait plasticity and G×E challenges when breeding for mixture-ideotypes
Enjalbert, J. /
Allard, V. /
Andrieu, B.:
Wheatamix: Increasing within-field wheat diversity to foster the multifunctionality and sustainability of wheat production in the Parisian basin
Dumalasová, V. /
Buerstmayr, H. /
Cuendet, C.:
Disease resistance of spelt wheat—results from the HealthyMinorCereals project
Baresel, J. P. /
Backes, Gunter /
Baćanović-Šišić, Jelena:
INSUSFAR: Innovative approaches to optimise genetic diversity for sustainable farming systems of the future. Inter-specific diversity of wheat for increased resilience and high yields and system specific adaptability
Horneburg, B. /
Ruland, M. /
Wedemeyer-Kremer, B. /
Becker, H. C.:
On-farm management as a tool to maintain diversity and to select superior genotypes
Blanc, E. /
Thiaville, L. /
Enjalbert, J.:
Modeling competition for light in wheat mixtures
Borg, J. /
Enjalbert, J. /
Gauffreteau, A.:
Participatory approaches: Developing blending rules to design locally adapted cultivar mixtures
Bülow, L. /
Nachtigall, M. /
Frese, L.:
Network for the dynamic management of winter barely genetic resources
Forst,, E. /
Enjalbert, J. /
Allard, V.:
Estimation of mixing ability for variety mixtures: Statistical models and experimental results
Kolesnyk, O. /
Venger, A.:
Application of molecular markers for plant breeding and variety investigation and diversification
Dennenmoser, Dominic /
Backes, Gunter:
Genotypic characterisation of spelt (Triticum spelta<\I> L.)
Ločmele, I. /
Legzdiņa, L. /
Gaile, Z. /
Kronberg, A.:
Yield stability of barley mixtures and populations
Pettiti, M. /
Bocci, R. /
Bussi, B.:
Evolutionary-participatory breeding generates wheat populations adapted for organic agriculture in Italy
Pettiti, M. /
Bocci, R. /
Bussi, B.:
Future proofing decentralised evolutionary wheat populations’ seed systems in Italy using a climate analogues approach: The example of Tuscany
Vidal, T. /
Boixel, L. /
Gigot, C.:
Mixing susceptible and resistant wheat cultivars with contrasted stem height can reduce progression of disease dispersed by rain-splash
Schmidt, J. H. /
Weedon, O. /
Finckh, M.R.:
Management histories of wheat composite cross populations (CCPs) drive yield in two tillage systems
Frank, G. van /
Riviere, P. /
Goldringer, I.:
A participatory approach to breeding for diverse and adapted wheat mixtures on farm
Venger, A. /
Kolesnyk, O. /
Volvkova, N.:
Molecular-genetic polymorphism of glycinin encoding genes in Ukrainian and Serbian soybean varieties
Weedon, O. /
Schmidt, J. H. /
Finckh, M.R.:
Intra-specific diversity of wheat composite cross populations (CCPs) maintains yield in a low input system

Breeding for inter-species diversity annual crops
Mommer, L.:Learning from nature: A below-ground perspective on plant-plant interactions in diverse grassland communities
Ayenan, M. A. T. /
Danquah, A.:
Participatory designing of Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan<\I> (L.) Millsp.) ideotypes for adaptation to various cropping systems in Benin
Arncken, C. M. /
Hohmann, P. /
Messmer, M.:
Breeding for mixed cropping and Anthracnose resistance of lupins
Moutier, N. /
Fintz, C. /
Boissinot, F.:
Breeding for mixtures in organic farming systems: Are the traits of pure wheat cultivars predictive of their behaviour in wheat-pea mixtures?
Akkoc, Y. /
Lyubenova, L. /
Cakmak, I.:
Minor cereals exhibit superior antioxidative effect in human cancer cell lines compared to common wheat
Vijaya Bhaskar, A. V. /
Jäkel, Andreas /
Baresel, J. P.:
Effects of organic and conventional management for five years on early seedling traits of three winter wheat composite cross populations
Hoebe, P. /
Hoad, S. /
Creissen, H.:
Overview SRUC related research on breeding for diversity
Jumel, S. /
Langrume, C. /
Moussart, A.:
Assembling rules for the control of Ascochyta blight in winter wheat/pea mixtures
Brandmeier, J. /
Scherber, C.:
Effects of agrobiodiversity on pest control in Vicia faba<\I> L.
Siebrecht-Schöll, D. /
Martsch, R. /
Link, W.:
Winter faba bean as target species in mixed-cropping with winter wheat
Tavoletti, S. /
Cocco, S. /
Corti, G.:
Effect on durum wheat and quality parameters of mixed intercropping with faba bean

Breeding for inter-species diversity perennial crops/agroforestry
Wolfe, M. S.:Integrating diversification in short food and energy chains
Firmat, C.:Breeding for forage mixtures: Synthesis and prospects from theoretical and empirical approaches
Cadena-González, A. L. /
Butschard, T.:
Traditional agroforestry systems and options of crop-tree combinations, with focus on conservation of native species

Documentation of diversity breeding
Bülow, L. /
Unger, S. /
Frese, L.:
Documentation of diversity breeding: The Information system ROBUSTUM

General concepts for breeding on improved diversity
Annichiarico, P.:Interspecific competition experiments aimed to define breeding strategies
Weiner, J.:Crop diversity for substainability
Knapp, S. /
Parzefall, M. /
Baresel, J. P.:
The relation of intragenotypic, intra- and inter-specific competition and related canopy architecture traits
Lingner, A. /
Dittert, K. /
Pfeiffer, András:
The cropping system matters—contrasting responses of winter faba bean genotypes to drought stress
Janovská, D. /
Hutař, M. /
Chour, V.:
HealthyMinorCereals: An integrated approach to diversify the genetic base, improve stress resistance, agronomic management and nutritional / processing qualitiy of minor cereal crops for human nutrition in Europe
Bickler, C. /
Costanzo, A. /
Pearce, B.:
Marketing of a genetically diverse wheat (ORC Wakelyns population): Lessons learnt and routes forward
Knapp, S. /
Hancer, O. /
Tengstrand, E.:
High-throughput sorting of coloured wheat grains
Venger, A. /
Kolesnyk, O. /
Pasternak, S. /
Hruzevskyi, O.:
Modulation of three-dimensional structure and research of folding-analoges of AMB A 6 allergen of Ambrosia artemisiifolia<\I>

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