Organic Computing

Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium 2016

Tomforde, Sven / Sick, Bernhard (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Bieshaar, Maarten / Calma, Adrian / Gruhl, Christian / Heck, Henner / Kantert, Jan / Kopal, Nils / Müller-Schloer, Christian / Rudolph, Stefan / Sick, Bernhard / Stein, Anthony / Tomforde, Sven / Würtz, Rolf P.

kassel university press, ISBN: 978-3-7376-0300-3, 2017, 134 Seiten
(Intelligent Embedded Systems 10)

URN: urn:nbn:de:0002-403010

DOI: 10.19211/KUP9783737603010

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Inhalt: This book presents the results of the Organic Computing - Doctoral Dissertation Colloqium 2016. Successful participants have been invited to extend their abstracts submitted to the event towards a full book chapter by taking reviews and feedback received at the event in Duisburg into account. Hence, the book also gives an overview of corresponding research activities in the field in Germany for the year 2016. The collection of contributions reflects the diversity of
VIII Preface the different aspects of Organic Computing. Furthermore, group discussions during the OC-DDC resulted in a contribution that aggregates the ideas of the participants related to applied machine learning for Organic Computing systems. This is complemented by an article about the term “Organic Computing”. In the following, we outline the contributions contained in this book.


Part III - Result of the Working Groups
Tomforde, Sven /
Sick, Bernhard:
Würtz, Rolf P.:Invited Keynote: “What” and “Where” in Images and Videos


List of Contributors

Part I - Organic Computing
Tomforde, Sven /
Sick, Bernhard /
Müller-Schloer, Christian:
1 Spotlight on Organic Computing

Part II - Contributions from the OC-DDC
Stein, Anthony:2 Evolutionary Online Learning in Organic Computing Systems
Calma, Adrian:3 Pals: Interactive Pool-based Active Learning System with Uncertain Oracles
Gruhl, Christian:4 Probabilistic Obsoleteness Detection for Gaussian Mixture Models
Kantert, Jan:5 Developing Robust Autonomous Open Distributed Systems using Guided Self-Organisation
Rudolph, Stefan:6 Mutual Influences in Organic Computing Systems
Bieshaar, Maarten:7 Cooperative Intention Detection of Vulnerable Road Users
Kopal, Nils:8 Towards a Self-Organised Decentralised Reservation Algorithm for Volunteer Computing
Heck, Henner:9 Towards Self-Tests in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
Bieshaar, Maarten /
Calma, Adrian /
Gruhl, Christian /
Rudolph, Stefan /
Stein, Anthony:
10 Machine Learning in Organic Computing – A Brief Clarification of Terms and Concepts

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