Active Tectonics of Northwestern Anatolia - The MARMARA Poly-Project

A Multidisciplinary Approach by Space-Geodesy, Geology, Hydrology, Geothermics and Seismology

Schindler, Conrad / Pfister, Martin (Hrsg.)

vdf, ISBN: 978-3-7281-2425-8, 1997, 582 Seiten

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Inhalt: For earth sciences, Northwestern Anatolia including the Marmara Sea region proved to be an ideal opportunity for a collaboration of different research disciplines. In this part of Turkey active crustal movements take place evolving big earthquakes, numerous large outflows of thermal water and significant gas outputs.

This book presents detailed work of different earth sciences disciplines, all with the target of establishing the interrelation of active crustal deformation with seismicity, heat flow and groundwater circulation. The individual contributions are based on recent field work, come up with modern interpretation methods and end with new models and ideas. The final interpretation links all observations and models to a consisting picture of the highly active transtensional tectonics in the Marmara Sea region.

After a general introduction (Theme 1) and a presentation of the large scale plate tectonic situation within the Aegean-Anatolian area (Theme 2), Turkish authors present an overview of Northwestern Turkey with respect to the different earth science disciplines (Theme 3). Theme 4 presents the recent investigations of geologists and hydrogeologists in selected local areas followed by Theme 5, where geological, geodetical as well as geophysical work and results are summarised. Theme 6 presents a real synthesis of all mentioned contributions: the main key observable as well as physical processes are established.

This book is written for all scientists involved in interdisciplinary approaches of earth science aspects. Students as well as senior scientists will find results of recent measuring procedures, modern interpretation methods as well as sophisticated models and ideas about neotectonic activity and its impacts.

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