Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 2, Jg. 118

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL)

Mit Beiträgen von Adu, O. A. / Alkoiret, I. T. / Awoyomi, O. J. / Bacigale, S. B. / Bosch, C. / Chiuri, W. L. / Claudius-Cole, A. O. / Coyne, D. L. / Deffner, D. / Dipeolu, M. A. / Dossa, L. H. / Fabusoro, E. / Gbore, F. A. / Hoanh, C. T. / Huong, T. T. T. / Issifou, D. S. / Kariuki, R. / Kenyon, L. / Kikuchi, M. / Maass, B. L. / Maruyama, A. / Mburu, J. / Mensah, G. A. / Milan, F. / Mudhara, M. / Mukankusi, C. M. / Ntukamazina, N. / Ojo, O. E. / Okuyama, Y. / Onwonga, R. N. / Paraïso, A. / Paul, B. K. / Phuong, N. D. / Rostami, L. / Rubyogo, J. C. / Sadeghi, H. / Santos Neutzling, A. d. / Schlecht, E. / Simtowe, F. / Sinyolo, S. / Sommer, R. / Suhardiman, D. / Takagaki, M. / Toukourou, Y. / Wale, E. / Wimba, B. M. M. / Zeller, M. / Zeller, M.

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2017, 148 Seiten
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 2/118/2017)

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Gbore, F. A. /
Adu, O. A.:
Ameliorative potential of vitamin E on the impact of dietary fumonisin B_1 on reproductive performance of female rabbits
Ntukamazina, N. /
Onwonga, R. N. /
Sommer, R. /
Rubyogo, J. C. /
Mukankusi, C. M. /
Mburu, J. /
Kariuki, R.:
Index-based agricultural insurance products: challenges, opportunities and prospects for uptake in sub-Sahara Africa
Okuyama, Y. /
Maruyama, A. /
Takagaki, M. /
Kikuchi, M.:
Technical efficiency and production potential of selected cereal crops in Senegal
Sadeghi, H. /
Rostami, L.:
Changes in biochemical characteristics and Na and K content of caper (Capparis spinosa L.) seedlings under water and salt stress
Ojo, O. E. /
Awoyomi, O. J. /
Fabusoro, E. /
Dipeolu, M. A.:
Activities and influence of veterinary drug marketers on antimicrobial usage in livestock production in Oyo and Kaduna States, Nigeria
Bosch, C. /
Zeller, M. /
Deffner, D.:
Adoption of an improved bean seed variety and consumption of beans in rural Madagascar: Evidence from a randomised control trial
Sinyolo, S. /
Mudhara, M. /
Wale, E.:
Assessing the impact of social grant-dependency on participation of KwaZulu-Natal rural households in farming: Application of the generalised propensity score method
Simtowe, F. /
Paul, B. K. /
Wimba, B. M. M. /
Bacigale, S. B. /
Chiuri, W. L. /
Maass, B. L.:
Determinants of participation in cavy marketing: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Toukourou, Y. /
Issifou, D. S. /
Alkoiret, I. T. /
Paraïso, A. /
Mensah, G. A.:
The effect of feeding restriction with cassava flour on carcass composition of broilers
Milan, F. /
Huong, T. T. T. /
Hoanh, C. T. /
Suhardiman, D. /
Phuong, N. D. /
Zeller, M.:
The role of State Forest Enterprises in the payments for Forest Environmental Services Programme in Vietnam
Santos Neutzling, A. d. /
Dossa, L. H. /
Schlecht, E.:
Production and milk marketing strategies of small-scale dairy farmers in the South of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Claudius-Cole, A. O. /
Kenyon, L. /
Coyne, D. L.:
Effect of pre-plant treatments of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) setts on the production of healthy seed yam, seed yam storage and consecutive ware tuber production

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