Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 2, Jg. 114

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL) (Hrsg.)

Mit Beiträgen von Agunbiade, J. A. / Akinola, O. S. / Apostolides, Z. / Baiyegunhi, Lloyd J. S. / Bastiaans, L. / Bhowmik, S. / Buerkert, Andreas / Chandrasekharam, D. / Duwuona, G. N. N. / Fanimo, A. O. / Heinemann, A. B. / Khan, I. A. / Lindner, A. / Madari, B. E. / Maia, A. de H. N. / Meinke, H. / Melo Carvalho, M. T. de / Muhl, Q. E. / Neina, D. / Oort, P. A. J. van / Predotova, M. / Pretzsch, J. / Rehman, S. U. / Riva, M. V. de la / Schlecht, E. / Silva, M. A. S. da / Steyn, J. M. / Susenbeth, A. / Toit, E. S. du / Vazhacharickal, P. J.

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2013, 91 Seiten
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 2/114/2013)

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Muhl, Q. E. /
Toit, E. S. du /
Steyn, J. M. /
Apostolides, Z.:
Bud development, flowering and fruit set of Moringa oleifera Lam. (Horseradish Tree) as affected by various irrigation levels
Neina, D. /
Duwuona, G. N. N.:
Short-term effects of human urine fertiliser and wood ash on soil pH and electrical conductivity
Melo Carvalho, M. T. de /
Madari, B. E. /
Bastiaans, L. /
Oort, P. A. J. van /
Heinemann, A. B. /
Silva, M. A. S. da /
Maia, A. de H. N. /
Meinke, H.:
Biochar improves fertility of a clay soil in the Brazilian Savannah: short term effects and impact on rice yield
Riva, M. V. de la /
Lindner, A. /
Pretzsch, J.:
Assessing adaptation – Climate change and indigenous livelihood in the Andes of Bolivia
Baiyegunhi, Lloyd J. S.:Rural households’ social capital and welfare: A case study of Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Rehman, S. U. /
Predotova, M. /
Khan, I. A. /
Schlecht, E. /
Buerkert, Andreas:
Socio-economic characterization of integrated cropping systems in urban and peri-urban agriculture of Faisalabad, Pakistan
Vazhacharickal, P. J. /
Predotova, M. /
Chandrasekharam, D. /
Bhowmik, S. /
Buerkert, Andreas:
Urban and peri-urban agricultural production along railway tracks: a case study from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Akinola, O. S. /
Fanimo, A. O. /
Agunbiade, J. A. /
Susenbeth, A. /
Schlecht, E.:
Cassava root peel as a replacement for maize in diets for growing pigs: effects on energy and nutrient digestibility, performance and carcass characteristics

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