Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics, Heft 2, Jg. 111

Deutsches Institut für tropische und subtropische Landwirtschaft (DITSL)

Mit Beiträgen von Azadi, Hossein / Banout, Jan / Beyene, Fekadu / Brinkmann, Katja / Buerkert, Andreas / Dittrich, Andreas / Ehl, Petr / George, Maria Luz / Heydari, Aligholi / Hosseininia, Gholamhossein / Kalavathi, Santhakumari / Krishnakumar, Vishnu Potti / Mabe, Lenah Karabo / Oladele, Oladimeji Idowu / Peshin, Rajinder / Saini, Surinder Kaur / Singh, Kuldeep / Thomas, George V. / Thomas, Regi Jacob / Witlox, Frank / Zarafshani, Kiumars

kassel university press, ISSN: 1612-9830, 2011, 82 Seiten
(Journal of Agriculture Heft 2/111/2010)

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Singh, Kuldeep /
Peshin, Rajinder /
Saini, Surinder Kaur:
Evaluation of the agricultural vocational training programmes conducted by the Krishi Vigyan Kendras (Farm Science Centres) in Indian Punjab
Beyene, Fekadu:The role of NGO in informal seed production and dissemination: The case of eastern Ethiopia
Azadi, Hossein /
Hosseininia, Gholamhossein /
Zarafshani, Kiumars /
Heydari, Aligholi /
Witlox, Frank:
Factors in.uencing the success of animal husbandry cooperatives: A case study in Southwest Iran
Kalavathi, Santhakumari /
Krishnakumar, Vishnu Potti /
Thomas, Regi Jacob /
Thomas, George V. /
George, Maria Luz:
Improving food and nutritional security of small and marginal coconut growers through diversi.cation of crops and enterprises
Oladele, Oladimeji Idowu /
Mabe, Lenah Karabo:
Identifying the component structure of job satisfaction by principal components analysis among extension of.cers in North West Province, South Africa
Banout, Jan /
Ehl, Petr:
Using a Double-pass solar drier for drying of bamboo shoots
Dittrich, Andreas /
Buerkert, Andreas /
Brinkmann, Katja:
Assessment of land use and land cover changes during the last 50 years in oases and surrounding rangelands of Xinjiang, NW China

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