International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), Vol. 1, No. 2 (2006)

Auer, Michael (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Ajlouni, Khalid I. / Alkouz, Akram Moh. / BenGHezala, Henda / Brophy, Nora / Costelloe, Eileen Mary / Derycke, Alain / Grasso, Antonella / Laroussi, Mona / Magee, Patricia / Milosevic, Danijela / Müller, M. / Murphy, Frances / Otair, Mohammed Abdallh / Pfeiffer, O. / Roselli, Teresa / Sbihi, Boubker / Sherry, Elizabeth Anne / Thaller, Bernd / Thomsen, C. / Tirellil, Ichraf / Tschirner, Norman

kassel university press, ISSN: 1863-0383, 2006
(International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Heft No. 2, Vol. 1)

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Content: The iJET journal aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of technology enhanced learning.

The International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) is an Open Access Journal

Table of Content

Alkouz, Akram Moh.:Web Services Based Learning Objects Generator for Device-Indepedent M-Learningt
Grasso, Antonella /
Roselli, Teresa:
Cooperative Student Assessment Method: an Evaluation Study
Milosevic, Danijela:Designing Lesson Content in Adaptive Learning Environments
Sbihi, Boubker:The Moroccan Experience in E-Learning in the Ecole des Sciences de l'Information
Tirellil, Ichraf /
Laroussi, Mona /
Derycke, Alain /
BenGHezala, Henda:
Fractal Adaptive Web Service for Mobile Learning
Tschirner, Norman /
Müller, M. /
Pfeiffer, O. /
Thomsen, C.:
Design and Realization of Multimedia-Examinations for large Numbers of Participants in University

Short Papers
Costelloe, Eileen Mary /
Sherry, Elizabeth Anne /
Magee, Patricia /
Murphy, Frances /
Brophy, Nora:
An Irish Cross-Institutional User Needs Analysis of Undergraduate Programming
Otair, Mohammed Abdallh:IP-MLI: An Independency of Learning Materials from Platforms in a Mobile Learning using Intelligent Method
Thaller, Bernd:Visual Tools for Quantum Mechanics Education

Ajlouni, Khalid I.:ICT Staff Development in Jordanian Secondary Schools