International Journal of Online Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 1 (2005)

Auer, Michael (Editor)

Mit Beiträgen von Almgren, Raymond C. / Auer, Michael / Bagnasco, Andrea / Cahow, James A. / Cooper, Martyn / Ferreira, Jose M.M. / Gross, Bernhard / Grout, Ian A. / Hercog, Darko / Kozek, Martin / Langmann, Reinhard / Mueller, Dieter / Pačnik, Gregor / Parodi, Giancarlo / Ponta, Domenico / Safarič, Riko / Scapolla, Anna Maria / Truntič, Mitja

kassel university press, ISSN: 1861-2121, 2005
(International Journal of Online Engineering Heft No. 1, Vol. 1)

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Content: The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering and virtual instrumentation.
The use of virtual and remote controlled devices, distributed remote laboratories and online simulations is one of the future directions for advanced teleworking/e-working environments.

The International Journal of Online Engineering is an Open Access Journal

Table of Content

Auer, Michael:Editorial
Almgren, Raymond C. /
Cahow, James A.:
Evolving Technologies and Trends for Innovative Online Delivery of Engineering Curriculum
Cooper, Martyn:Remote laboratories in teaching and learning - issuses impinging on widespread adoption in science and engineering education
Ferreira, Jose M.M. /
Mueller, Dieter:
Online labs and the MARVEL experience
Safarič, Riko /
Truntič, Mitja /
Hercog, Darko /
Pačnik, Gregor:
Control and robotics remote laboratory for engineering education
Scapolla, Anna Maria /
Bagnasco, Andrea /
Ponta, Domenico /
Parodi, Giancarlo:
A Modular and Extensible Remote Electronic Laboratory
Langmann, Reinhard:Web-based Remote Control by LiveConnect
Grout, Ian A.:Local and Remote Laboratory User Experimentation Access using Digital Programmable Logic
Kozek, Martin /
Gross, Bernhard:
Identification and Inversion of Magnetic Hysteresis for Sinusoidal Magnetization